Herringbone Floors and Concrete Columns Linked by Modern Minimalism

Completed in 2014, this exquisite apartment was a project by DORI Interior Design Studio. It spreads over a total surface of 970 square feet and is located in the center of Tel Aviv, Israel.

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The interior is very bright and open without being particularly spacious. It has a layout that integrates the kitchen into the living area. The kitchen island doubles as a dining table, saving plenty of floor space and eliminating the need for a separate zone.

The reason why this whole space looks and feels so bright is because of that large floor-to-ceiling glass wall on one side of the room. The glass wall is also beautifully completed by a long and breezy white curtain. Isn’t it awesome how the curtain and the light herringbone wood floor give each other personality?

But the living area and the kitchen aren’t the only areas which are linked. The bedroom is also visually connected to this open floor plan through sliding glass doors. The seamless transition between the spaces creates a very casual ambiance throughout.

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Other elements with industrial appeal are spread throughout the apartment, such as the TV swivel pole in the living area and even the hanging cord lights which can also be seen in the bedroom.

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Another lovely thing about this apartment is the way various influences and style accents interact and complement each other. That unfinished column and its raw, industrial character are highlighted by the industrial chairs (Tolix Marais Barstool) and softened by the warm wooden floor and the delicate curtain.

The kitchen features black accents as a way to contrast with the rest of the space and to define this as a separate area. The kitchen island with seating beautifully illustrates the power of strong contrasts and the pendant lights above it showcase diversity in a subtle form.

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The kitchen has a special little coffee corner with open shelves and lovely Pantone-colored mugs displayed in rows.

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And speaking of the bedroom, how about that white curtain that separates it from the en-suite bathroom? It definitely creates a more casual look for both these spaces and the fact that there’s also a glass wall in between strengthens the individuality of each of these areas.