Heritage Pedestal Table

People have always used the natural materials around them and found out that one of the most resistant materials they could use as a base for outdoors tables or for weaving outdoor chairs is called rattan. this material is very flexible and you can “weave” it into the wanted shape. Besides, it does not deteriorate in time and is perfect for both outdoors and indoors. Any way, things always evolve, so many asked themselves what could be the next step after replacing rattan? And the answer came on the spot in the modern times: stainless steel, of course. This Heritage Pedestal Table is the proof and it is even considered “an upgrade ” of rattan table.

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This product comes from McGuire Furniture and is amazing. It looks great and modern, shiny and very cool. It uses polished nickel posts that imitate the look of rattan and which are linked together with the help of some leather rings instead of simply being welded together. The lower and upper bases are round and the table top is made of transparent glass, allowing you to see through it and admire the intricate funny pattern made of the nickel sticks and the leather. The table can be purchased now for about $2.295 if you want it in polished nickel, but you should know the table top if purchased separately.