Hanging Moroccan Lantern from Badia Design

Morocco is a beautiful country in the north of Africa. But there is more to it than Casablanca, the city where they shot the movie with the same title which made the name Casablanca famous all over the world. Morocco has a long and interesting history and tradition and there still are a lot of people specialized in handcrafting different object of an amazing beauty. This Hanging Moroccan Lantern from Badia Design is the proof for this. You can admire the artistry of every ornament and curve, the beauty of the whole item.

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This is a hanging lantern and it looks great on the wall of your house, especially if it comes to complete a certain oriental overall design of the house. It is made of frosted glass and iron and beautifully handcrafted. It is perfect for the hallway, for the house entrance, but you can also find a good spot for it in a corner of your bedroom or living room, especially if you want to create a magical and romantic atmosphere. The light coming from the inside is filtered and casts curious shapes and shadows on the wall. It is exotic and interesting, with a particular design and it is now available for $280.50 on Badia Design.