DIY Trendy Hand Brushed Containers Set

If you are a design enthusiast, looking to bring recent trends at home, with a DIY solutions – this one is for you! The handcrafted, brushed-looking like ceramics are very popular these days, as they add interesting, unpolished accent at home. The problem with these beauties is, that they might not be easy to find and if they are…the prices tend to be quite high, so I figured a way to create them at home, for much less (if not for free!).

DIY Trendy Hand Brushed Containers Set
DIY Trendy Hand Brushed Containers Set Modern

These Handmade Design Containers are perfect to use as candle holders, planters or stationary cups – no matter where you place them, they will surely shine!

Here’s a supplies list useful to complete this project:

  • a set of old glasses or plain ceramics
  • paint of your choice – the best combinations to consider are: black + white (+ gold accent) and brown + white + gold accent
  • tissue paper
  • spray sealer (optional but recommended)
Materials to create a trendy containers

1. We will start off by washing well the glassware / ceramics set to make sure it has no dust on it.

2. When clean and dry, paint two of the glasses black and two of them white inside and wait for the paint to dry.

Spray paint containers

2. Here’s a part when you can get really creative! Get the favourite colors and paint the surface of your glassware. I have started by painting it white color at the top, then once dry, adding a coat of a second color at the bottom, leaving the brush strokes visible on purpose. If you are going for a more smooth look, you can use tissue to blend the two paints together.

White cups paint
Washed paint

3. If you decided to add a bit of golden accent, this is the time to do it.

4. When your design is done and dry spray paint it with a sealer to prevent the paint from running down.

Small cups and large
Modern washed containers

That’s it! Now your design set is ready, adding a real handcrafted accent to your home. The demand for handmade items has rapidly grown in the last few years, giving us a chance to get creative and design own pieces.

Have you ever tried painting a set of glassware/ceramics?

Hope you enjoyed this project and see you soon with a new DIY!