Hammertown Iron Drum Table

Before people invented communication by phone and fax, by computers and wireless communication, they communicated by other simpler means for hundreds, maybe thousands of years. One of the most efficient ways of communicating across distances was the use of drums. They were loud and they made a lot of noise, so they could be heard kilometers away. Nowadays they are no longer used for this purpose, but occasionally they can inspire artists to create unique pieces of work like this  Hammertown Iron Drum Table. This is nothing more than a side table that looks like an iron drum. It also has a drum shape and if you hit it with your palms regularly I am sure it will even sound like a drum.

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This original table is designed and made by the guys from Hammertown and it looks totally cool. Its tabletop is made of iron, but it has a painted finish. The table base is also made of iron strips, but it is not a solid piece of iron. the iron strips are woven in a simple design and arranged so as to have the shape of an African drum, with both ends larger and a more narrow middle. You can use it indoors and outdoors and looks great in a modern home. The item is now available for $600.