Grow a Natural Wood Chair

Swiss designer Michel Bussien’s Growing Chair evokes a pertinent ideas for the 21st century: nature trapped within the confines of man, manicured at his whim, or a specimen preserved behind glass.A good price for a home design and also a green idea, the Growing Chair gives more power to your home.

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So if you are patient enough and really motivated you can grow your own tree and, believe me, this is not a joke, it’s very possible. What you have to do is plant a small tree in a big box on wheels, then fill the box with earth and then bring a plastic model of your future tree chair.

Diy creative growing chair design

Tie the small tree twigs to the chair and bend them so as to follow the plastic chair pattern. When the tree grows you will see that it follows its exact contour and your dream chair will be ready in a few years. Just remove the plastic then and this is it. The only problem might be the long time of waiting if you want to use it, but you can use it as decor until then.