Simple Designs That Can Replace Your Old Garden Hose Holder

Hoses and gardens go hand in hand. So where and how do you store your garden hose? The simplest way is to just roll it up and throw it somewhere but that’s not really neat or practical. Don’t be messy and ruin the look of your garden and outdoor area in general. The following garden hose holders can give you an idea of how you can beautifully store this accessory without occupying a lot of space or giving your house and landscape an unpleasant look.

Hose Jockey Wall Mount

This simple system is designed to keep your garden nicely rolled and stored on the wall. It’s called the Hose Jockey and it’s made of powder-coated steel which makes it highly durable and suitable for outdoor spaces. The idea and the design are both very simple and very practical, making the jockey very versatile and able to adapt well to just about any garden or landscape. It’s a product of Ten10 Design.

Mirtoon Automatic Hose Reel

Designed to be practical and easy to use, the Mirtoon Automatic Hose Reel keeps your garden hose rolled up and stored inside a shell mounted to the exterior wall of your house. The hose automatically stops and retracts with a gentle tug and the shell that holds it can pivot 180 degrees. It’s made of plastic and it comes in two sizes, small and large. The spray gun has five settings and an adjustable nozzle.

Garden hose bin

If you’re not a fan of keeping your garden hose mounted on the wall, there are alternatives. One of them is the Fairfield garden hose bin. As the elaborate name suggests, it’s a bin in which to store your garden hose. A hole at the back lets you secure the hose to the spigot and the removable lid makes it easy to get the hose in and out of the box. The bin can hold up to 100 ft of hose and the hole at the back is 2’’ big.

Raindeer wall mount hose

Turn your garden hose into a trophy with the Reindeer wall mount. It’s a wall-mounted storage system designed to look like a pair of antlers. They’re made of aluminum and designed to withstand harsh weather conditions and to be suitable for outdoor spaces. You can get the Reindeer in give different colors which include white, gold, gray, black and turquoise.

Rapid reel hose holder

How about something a big more classical? The Eley Rapid Reel has a very solid and durable construction which allows it to hold up to 150 ft of hose. It can be installed with ease and it’s also simple to use. It definitely brings back some of the charm of traditional homes and gardens.

Wall Mount Garden Hose Reel

A similarly simple product is this wall mount garden hose reel. It has a solid and simple design and a rust-proof aluminum-alloy construction. It can be installed in two different ways: either parallel or perpendicular to the wall. The parallel version lets you pull the hose out alongside the wall whole the perpendicular version lets you pull it straight away.

Filigree Garden Hose Holder

For a more elegant and refined look, you can store your garden hose using the Filigree holder. In addition to featuring a very stylish and elegant design, it also has a very durable structure able to hold 100 feet of garden hose. The holder is made of lightweight and rust-free aluminum and is finished with all-weather paint which makes it suitable for the outdoors.

Garden hose holder DIY

There are also plenty of options to choose from if you want to make your own garden hose holder. As it turns out, it wouldn’t be such a difficult DIY project. A very stylish example is the one on lovegrowswild. To make something similar you’ll need a wood post, wood finials and a metal hose hanger. Cut the post in half if you want to make two hose holders. You can paint or stain it to give it the look that best matches your garden.

Hose wrap

Another idea, this time a little bit simpler, is offered on Sunset. Basically the project involves attaching three empty cord spools to a fence or wall. Space them out as shown here and you can then just wrap the garden hose around them to keep it nice and tidy. The idea is both simple and stylish and with this system you can add some color and beauty to your backyard fence while keeping the décor functional.

Roll your cord and attach

You can roll your cord and attach it to a post if you have such a thing close by. To do that, you’ll need some brackets so check out moderncottage for an idea of how to get it done. It’s all very simple actually. You just screw the bracket to the post at the desired height and make you it has the right shape and size so it can hold the hose. Then just roll the hose and place it on the stand.

Farmhouse garden hose

If you enjoy the simple things and prefer a more rustic and casual look, you can just simply use a bucket to hold your garden hose. So find a galvanized bucket, bring it outside, roll your garden hose and put in inside. This should work nicely for a traditional home or a rustic cabin. Of course, you can try to customize the bucket by painting it or decorating it in any way you want. {found on redfarmhouse}.

Hose bucket

There’s also another way in which you can turn an old bucket into a garden hose holder. Instead of having the hose placed inside the bucket, you can have the bucket mounted on a wall or fence so its mouth is facing outward. If the bucket has a handle, you can use that as a sort of rack for storing your garden gloves and other things. This ingenious idea comes from Theartofdoingstuff.

Garden hose holder

Coiled garden hoses can pose problems, getting all tangled up and difficult to use if not stored properly. In order to make sure your garden hose is kept tidy and in place, you can have it stored around a pipe inserted in the ground. It can be a PVC pipe or it can be a wooden stake. It’s a simple system you can put together yourself.