Funny Pogo Table by Joel Escalona

Kids are joyful human beings who make each day of our life worth living at its maximum intensity. They make our days happier and brighter. If you are sad or tired the best solution for a better mood will be your kid’s smile which is the perfect antidote.

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For a kid’s colorful room design, the Mexican designer, Joel Escalona finds the Pogo Table an appropriate piece of furniture.Pogo Table is a modular table and you can choose any size of the table top you want to use. It is a piece of furniture made of fiber glass and lacquered in many different colors.

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It is a funny, colorful table which is useful too. The kid can draw a book, sitting at the table, play at it or enjoy his favorite desert.

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Pogo table has a spherical shape and resembles a funny pig. Its warm and funny colors attract even more the kid’s interest and curiosity.