Feng Shui House Numbers and What They Mean

Feng shui house numbers are a way that you can understand your home’s particular energy and how you can best relate to it. Knowing how your house numbers relate to feng shui can also aid you as you seek to stimulate and balance your home’s potential energy and help you harmonize your home with its surrounding location.

Some feng shui experts do not consider house number numerology as they regard this practice as superstitious and insignificant. But others contend that house numbers are significant in feng shui. They are one way to know if a particular home and location gives you the right foundation to support your life goals.

Feng Shui House Number

Whatever your beliefs, determining your feng shui house numbers provides vital information about your home. You can then use this knowledge as part of an overall feng shui design which can help you achieve positive change in your own life.

How to Determine Your Feng Shui House Numbers

To determine your home’s feng shui number, you must add your house numbers together and then reduce your house numbers to one single digit. Thus, if your house number is 22, you would add these numbers to determine your home’s feng shui number: 2+2=4. Your house’s number is 4.

For another example, consider the house number 2665. Add each of these digits together: 2+6+6+5= 19. 19 is not a single digit, so add the 1 +9=10. 10 is still not a single digit. Add 1+0=1. The feng shui house number for 2665 is 1.

What do Feng Shui House Numbers Mean?

Feng shui house numbers are closely related to the bagua map. This is a tool that feng shui experts use to map the energy in a given location. Each area of the map corresponds to an area of your life and a number and help determine the qualities of the unique house numbers.

Feng Shui House Number Table

NumberBagua AreaMeaningElement
1CareerNew beginnings and growthWater
2RelationshipsBalance and unionEarth
3FamilyVitality, legacy, and creationWood
4WealthProsperity and stabilityWood
5HealthFreedom and adventureEarth
6Helpful PeopleNurture, trust, and loyaltyMetal
7Children/CreativityContemplation and spiritualityMetal
8KnowledgeAbundance and fortitudeEarth
9FameInspiration and accomplishmentsFire

Feng Shui Number Qualities and Characteristics

A deeper consideration of feng shui house numbers can help you in deciding if a particular property is a good investment for your life purpose and goals. Yet, beyond just the house number, creating a home with optimal feng shui will involve many considerations including the layout, the design of the home, and its surroundings.

House Number 1

1-Houses are associated with the qualities of ambition, drive, and success. People who live in 1-Houses are often goal-oriented and focused. As people who exhibit these qualities, they are also often strong leaders who show originality of thinking and independence. Many of these people have learned to rely on themselves rather than others and are not afraid to take chances. This means that they are often embarking on new ventures. A 1-House is a good option for new entrepreneurial or creative endeavors that you want to see grow.

House Number 2

Feng shui practice associates the number 2 with balance and harmony. This can mean harmony in the home as well as in relationships. The residents of a 2-House should value collaboration with others in both work and play. People in 2-Houses will necessarily mediate more conflicts and find beneficial solutions that work for multiple parties. This means that residents of 2-Houses will develop the valuable skills of diplomacy, tact, and communication.

House Number 3

A 3-House symbolizes creativity, self-expression, and vitality. These houses often support artistic pursuits that breathe vital energy into the surrounding environment. This creativity is also expressed in joy and optimism. This can mean the optimism that it takes to invest in new lives like children but also in investing in your surrounding community and the legacy that you leave behind.

House Number 4

In Western feng shui practice, a 4-House is associated with stability and security. Residents of 4-Houses are often practical and pragmatic people who value hard work, discipline, and perseverance as a way to achieve stability, wealth and abundance. Many members of a 4-House will value professions that elevate tradition, structure, and order. They also may have a deep connection to nature and will enjoy making their personal space feel comfortable and homey.

House Number 5

A 5-House will often embody qualities of change, transformation, and adventure. People in these houses love to enrich their lives through travel and meeting new people. Thus, if you inhabit a house with this number, flexibility is an important skill to master. You need to become comfortable with transition by making yourself adaptable to new people, circumstances, and environments. This will require that you become a better communicator and networker who is comfortable in a variety of social environments.

House Number 6

A 6-House is associated with nurture, caregiving, and compassion. This is a good house in which to raise a family as residents of this number house number enjoy spending time together and helping one another. People in this house will value each other in tangible ways that express their loyalty and responsibility to others. The connection with a nurturing home life will often express itself in the deep love of home and in creating beautiful spaces through interior design.

House Number 7

People who inhabit 7-Houses will often exhibit deep introspection and spirituality. Many of these people are introverts who enjoy spending time developing their inner life and psychic ability. It may seem contradictory that 7-Houses are also associated with people who enjoy analysis and investigation. People in these houses are often drawn to hobbies that are detail-oriented and require analytical research. In general, residents of 7-Houses are drawn to wisdom of all kinds. They set high standards for themselves and must beware of being overly critical of themselves and others.

House Number 8

An 8-House is ideal for people looking for prosperity, abundance, and success. This home’s members are often interested in power and leadership. These people embody the self-confidence needed to achieve these goals. This does not exclude the hard work and ambition needed to reach high levels in their career and in society, but they are often aided by personal strength and magnetism that attracts other people to them.

House Number 9

A 9-House embodies qualities of both transformation and completion. This is an ideal house number if you are looking for a change but want to make sure that you reach success at the end of your journey. Residents of a number 9 house will often be in search of spiritual truths, enlightenment, and wisdom. Therefore, it is common for them to engage in spiritual practices and disciplines that help them to discover their life’s purpose. This allows them to have a good sense of the wider world and their place within it.

Are There Feng Shui House Numbers That are Lucky or Unlucky?

The auspiciousness or inauspiciousness of house numbers is contested in feng shui numerology, but there is no doubt that there are cultural associations that make certain numbers more desirable than others. Understanding the cultural implications of particular numbers will help you better relate to others’ beliefs, especially in how these numerical beliefs impact real estate investments.

For example, lucky numbers in Chinese culture are six, eight, and nine. An unlucky number in Chinese culture is four because the word for this number sounds similar to the Chinese word for death. Thus it is common for Chinese real estate investors to avoid properties where the number adds up to four or if the house number has a four in it. This is a common cultural belief in other Asian cultures like Japanese and Korean cultures.

Western cultures have their own numerological superstitions. This includes the idea that seven is a lucky number and thirteen is unlucky. For Western property investors, this superstition does not often inhibit their investment in a particular property, but it is worth understanding that superstition in numerology is widespread throughout the world.