Our All-Time Favorite DIY Desk Ideas Summarized

Finding the right desk for the right person is very important. A desk is like a piece of clothing which has to fit just right in order to be comfortable. This is one of the reasons why some of our favorite desk ideas are the DIY kind. There’s something very wonderful about getting to decide exactly how the desk is going to look like and to build it specifically for one’s unique needs and preferences.

DIY Plumbers Pipe Standing Desk

We really enjoy standing desks and we continue to believe that they offer important benefits but in order to be able to enjoy them you need a desk that’s specifically customized for you. Our DIY standing desk tutorial can show how to build one. It all starts with the right measurements. Keep in mind that the desk’s height should be just right so unless you decide to add a mechanism which allows you to adjust the height, you’ll have to be very precise when building the frame.

Contemporary Desk with Shelf and Hairpin Legs

As far as regular desks are concerned, we prefer simple and timeless designs with just a hint of modern charm. A good example is this contemporary desk with hairpin legs. It has a chic design with a simple wooden top and a very useful shelf extension which lets you neatly store and organize your desk accessories. The hairpin legs are a very nice touch. They give the desk a lightweight and feminine appearance.

DIY Plumbers Pipe Standing Desk

Chances are you’ll find shelves and drawers to be superfluous and unnecessary and to prefer a clean and simple desk surface so here’s our version of a DIY contemporary hairpin leg desk with no extra features. The powder-coated legs have a mint-colored finish and that gives the desk a little bit of extra charm. Of course, you can customize yours in any way you want but keep in mind that less is often more.

Before and After desk transformation

Concrete Desktop: A Step-by-Step Tutorial

It’s possible you already have a decent desk and you’d like to keep it and just change its look a bit. We have a suggestion you might like: a DIY concrete top. You can use your existing desk’s wood top and just give it a makeover. You’ll need Ardex Feather Finish, a putty knife, a bucket, concrete sealant and a few old rags. You can do this with pretty much any old desk. If you want an even bigger change, you could also give the frame a makeover. You can either stain it or paint it or you can change it altogether.