Farmhouse Style Designs Celebrate Pastoral Living

The farmhouse style embraces pastoral living. As farmhouses conjure images of yesteryear, peaceful living remains the goal. Today, US homeowners are the catalyst for the architectural style.

farmhouse style

The future of interior design, according to designer Frederic Tang, will see “greater experimentation with textures like raked plaster, rougher clay, or grainy stuccos.” And this is where the modern farmhouse style enters the picture. 

The modern farmhouse represents a lifestyle. Mid century designs, popular in 2019, have taken a backseat to rustic and country living styles. 

What Is The Farmhouse Style?

What Is The Farmhouse Style?

The farmhouse style is about creating a pastoral living environment. The style aims to bring outdoor elements indoors by using decor elements like repurposed items, white shiplap, rustic french chandeliers, stone walls, and wood flooring, to name a few.  

Is Farmhouse Out Of Style?

Interior farmhouse concepts are not out of style. US media has given mixed signals on this issue. Some interior decorators have said the modern farmhouse is dated while others proclaim that it is alive and well.

Interior design is like an ocean. Styles ebb and flow organically. Whatever is hot one year, will not be hot the next. It doesn’t matter what others are doing, you’re free to incorporate it into your living spaces. 

What Is The Modern Farmhouse Style?

The modern farmhouse style utilizes white and neutral colors. At the core of the modern farmhouse aesthetic lies the idea of combining traditional farmhouse elements with modern design. For example, a stainless steel kitchen surrounded by rustic stone walls. 

Classic Farmhouse Vs Modern Farmhouse 

Difference Between A Classic And Modern Farmhouse Style?

There are many differences between a classic farmhouse and a modern farmhouse. The farmhouse style is centered on simplicity. Warm, earth tones paired with aged or reclaimed wood or patina color accents prominent. 

Meanwhile, the modern farmhouse offers a pure lifestyle aesthetic combined with contemporary or industrial design concepts. When past and present elements are combined, an anachronistic environment is achieved.

Modern Farmhouse Elements

You’ll find similar traits among all modern farmhouses. Here are a few common features found in the farmhouse:

  • Reclaimed wood 
  • Sliding barn doors 
  • Oversized furniture
  • Exposed wooden beams
  • White shiplap walls
  • Wood flooring
  • Stainless steel kitchen surfaces
  • Large front porches

Modern Farmhouse Exterior Features

Let’s look at the exterior features of a modern farmhouse and see what makes them unique.

Front Porch Retaining Wall

Modern Farmhouse Front Porch Furniture
Whitten Architects

Adding an extension to a modern farmhouse front porch is achieved with a stone retaining wall. In this example, the retaining is stylish and functional as it provides a pathway to the elevated front porch. 

Long Front Porch

Modern Farmhouse Style Exterior
Hobbs, Inc.

Large modern farmhouses often feature porches that stretch across the front side of the home. When this style was popular, the covered outdoor spaces were known as “sleeping porches.”

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They were named as such because in the early 20th century people thought sleeping outside was healthy. During that time, people believed fresh night air protected them from tuberculosis and other serious ailments. 

Wrap-Around Porch

Northwest Modern Farmhouse

In Oregon’s Willamette Valley is a marriage of Northwest comfort and rustic architecture styles. In this example, a wrap-around porch and French double doors adhere to the modern farmhouse designs.

A wrap-around porch covers two sides of a home or more. The functionality of a front porch is how it serves as a transitional space from outdoors to indoors. Wrap-around porches offer more space to host small gatherings during bad weather conditions or at night.

Limewashed Red Brick Porch

Modern Farmhouse Style with black window frames
Visbeen Architects

Clad in cream-colored and inexpensive siding, covers the space up to both sides of the front windows. For a farmhouse porch, limewashed red brick, like in this example, offers rustic appeal. Light green porch shutters accent the cream-color entryway and mahogany French double doors.

Modern Farmhouse Interior

Modern farmhouse interiors share common characteristics. Let’s look at a few traits that make farmhouse kitchens unique. 

Farmhouse Kitchen Decor

Modern Farmhouse Interior

Pendant light fixtures are a common sight in modern farmhouse kitchens. In this example, a scalloped glass pendant light hangs above the sink. Another feature of the modern farmhouse kitchen is how the design combines old world appearances with modern appliances.

The iron and stainless steel stove top and under-cabinet lighting bring the farmhouse kitchen into the 21st century.

Wood Elements

Modern Farmhouse Style with black window frames

Wood flooring is the flagship character of the modern farmhouse kitchen. Each timber has a natural tone. Ash, beech, and maple are the palest, followed by mid-toned oak, and dark cherry. When in doubt, go with classic oak.

A corner open shelving system provides easy access for necessary items or can serve as a display platform for personal items.

Farmhouse Kitchen Lighting

Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Furniture

Vintage and contemporary lighting follows the modern farmhouse aesthetic. Combining the past with the present is what the farmhouse style is all about.

Three green pendant lamps hang above the kitchen counter space. Meanwhile, a rustic French country chandelier hangs over the wooden kitchen dining table. 

Modern Farmhouse Study

Modern Farmhouse Style with black window frames

A modern farmhouse study features floor-to-ceiling bookshelves. Natural light sources are optimized with large windows. In this example, polished cedar wood flooring adds a touch of modern elegance. 

Exposed Wood Beams

Farmhouse Pendant Lighting

Exposed wood beams are a perennial favorite within modern farmhouse design. The light wood ceiling beams contrast with the dark stained wood flooring.

In between the beams and flooring, a wrought iron custom 18 light ring chandelier serves as the focal point for the interior space. 

Farmhouse Living Room

Modern Farmhouse Style with black window frames

Wood flooring is a modern farmhouse characteristic and has been since the first farmhouse was built. Sliding barn doors are an organic fit with rustic farmhouse interiors. The wooden sliding doors are also ideal for dividing large, open spaces. 

Vaulted Ceilings

Modern Farmhouse Style with black window frames

The vaulted ceiling in this modern farmhouse living room looks bigger. A cornice large lantern hangs over the room, adding rustic farmhouse appeal. Rounding out the interior decor is a repurposed industrial storage cupboard that offers extra storage space and support.

Modern Farmhouse Dining Room

Modern Farmhouse Style with black window frames

In dining rooms, chandeliers add elegance and style. In this example, a Mia faceted crystal chandelier commands the most attention. Off-white is the go-to color for modern farmhouses as reinforced by this example. The cream-colored rug fits with the near monochromatic theme, providing a soft contrast with the wood plank flooring.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)FAQ

What Is A New England Farmhouse Ell?

A ell farmhouse is a house shaped like the letter “L.” Popular throughout 19th century New England, the ell design concept made it easy to add extra rooms.

What Are Some Characteristics Of The Italianate Farmhouse Style?

As a minimalistic style, Italianate farmhouses were reminiscent of brick cottages built during Chicago’s early days. The farmhouse style featured ornamental bracketed cornice, canted one-story bay windows with decorative columns, and arched crowns above tall rectangular windows.

What Are The Best Cabinets For Small Farmhouse Kitchens?

Multifunctional cabinets offer storage, a hidden dressing table, and a hanging area. The new multipurpose cabinet was designed to provide homeowners with a solution for smaller homes without losing the utility or desire to create a rustic farmhouse living space.

Farmhouse Style Conclusion

The farmhouse style hasn’t waned. When a decorator says that an interior design has waned, it doesn’t mean much.  You shouldn’t care about what an interior designer has to say in an interview. You shouldn’t have to be reminded that your living space belongs to you. What other people think about it is of no importance.