14 Fall Wreaths to Welcome Your Guests

During the Autumn season, making your home as cozy as possible is the goal when you have guests. Lighting cinnamon candles, providing plaid throw blankets, sprinkling the table with leaves, it’s all part of the process. But you don’t have to stop at the inside. You can extend the cozy welcome to the front porch too and with one simple addition. A Fall wreath. It will have your guests smiling before you even open the door! Check out these 14 Fall wreaths to welcome your guests.

fall leaf wreathView in gallery

Glorious colored leaves are a classic and ready source for making Fall decor. Using the ones in your backyard, you can make a beautiful wreath to hang on your front door and no one will underestimate the coziness they’re sure to find inside. (via Design Improvised)

pinecone wreathView in gallery

Pinecones are another little piece of nature we can use in our Fall decorating and you can even get the kids in on it. Let the little ones gather the pinecones and then you take charge of the gluing and the crafting of the wreath itself. Everyone will be proud of the group effort. (via Keep Calm and Decorate)

cinnamon stick wreathView in gallery

Cinnamon is happily one of the scents of Fall. This simple cinnamon stick wreath will greet your guests with a cozy smell, all while being lovely to look at. I can guarantee that you won’t mind making this wreath at all and your hands will smell like cinnamon afterwards. (via Crafts Unleashed)

paper leaf wreathView in gallery

Short on time but long on craft supplies? Get your calligraphy hand ready. You can create this paper leaves wreath from scrap paper and suddenly, all your friends will be asking for one. You’ll have to host a wreath crafting party! (via St Judes Creations)

clay wreathView in gallery

Maybe you’re looking for a wreath that’s unique in both crafting medium and style. This one will solve it for you. Use clay to make these pretty olive leaves and you’ll have the most elegant minimalistic wreath on the block. (via Sparkle)

simple fall wreathView in gallery

When you’ve got little ones running the house, you probably don’t have time for any long craft project. That’s okay! You can hang a grapevine wreath and change up the mini paper banner with the seasons. Three cheers for versatile decorating! (via My Crafty Spot)

felt leaf wreathView in gallery

It’s amazing how such a simple wreath can feel so much like Fall. Use felt and sticks to put this wreath together. You can pick your felt colors based on your inside Fall decor. But whether you go red or gold or orange, it’s going to look lovely. (via Northstory)

wood slice wreathView in gallery

Yes, using wood slices for projects is still a thing and Fall is probably the best season for it. Craft a fancy wreath like this one, bow and all, or leave it wood logs for Fall and add a red bow for Christmas. The options are limitless. (via Finding Home Farms)

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Are you in on the felt ball craze? It’s the new crafting medium and everybody’s using them for rugs and garlands and coasters and mobiles for the nursery. So why not use them to make a pretty Fall wreath? It’s happy, it’s seasonal and it’s family friendly. (via The Magic Onions)

dried apple wreathView in gallery

I don’t know about you, but using dried fruit in my Fall decor hadn’t crossed my mind. It makes total sense though! Apples are found aplenty this time of year so using some dried slices can give you not only a beautiful and unique wreath, you’ll also get a yummy snack! (via L. Michelle)

wheat wreathView in gallery

You might have seen wheat wreaths like this before. They’re a Fall classic you just can’t beat. But the banner adds a bit of personalization. It can read “Happy Fall” or “Give Thanks” or “Welcome” or whatever you want to greet your guests. (via A Houseful of Handmade)

book page wreathView in gallery

Thrifting alert. Next time you’re rifling through a thrift store, pick up an old book with yellowed pages. You can use the paper when you get home to make this pretty book page wreath. Bonus points if you use some with illustrations in Fall colors. (via Design Dining Diapers)

wood wreathView in gallery

We already talked about using wood slices for a wreath, but you can use branches too! If you’re trimming some trees in your yard, keep some of the wood to make this mossy wreath. When it’s dry, add a bow in a seasonal color and you’ll never have to take it down. (via A Houseful of Handmade)

cornhusk wreathView in gallery

Tell me I’m not the only one who has admired the visual beauty of dried corn husks… Whether you’ve got them blowing across your yard or you stop by a field on your way home, you can easily make the most Fall feeling wreath ever with those golden crispy husks. (via Martha Stewart)