Eureka Bookends

I love books and I consider them my friends , so I do not like having them stored in a closed space, but having them within reach, some place where I can touch them and look for some information in them, so I guess the perfect place is the bookshelf.

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Well, I thought it would be a good idea to purchase some funny bookends as a Christmas present for myself this year. So I surfed the Internet looking for something that would draw my attention. And i found these nice and funny Eureka Bookends. They show a man’s body whose head is supposedly emerged in knowledge I hope, as it looks like having his head in the book he supports. Actually these funny bookends come in pairs, so you will see one such little men at the end of the book shelf.

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The figurines and the bookends are made of porcelain and the bubble drawn over the men’ s head allows you to fill it with anything you want. I think it is a very funny and creative item, as it is connected to books and makes you think. There is the “eureka” hint that leads you to the words Archimedes said when discovering his famous principle with volumes and water. It means that you cannot discover something unless you are curious and you must be curious in order to find what is in those books. After all “Eureka!” is translated “I have found!”.