Etage Modern Coffee Table by OFFECCT

People love to hear their homes being praised by their visitators,even the most mischievous.If the house is well decorated with modern funrniture or with a specific theme style.Also the accessories play an important role in a home decor.The Etage coffee table from OFFECCT  featurea a perfect touch of unique designs and with sophisticated style and color, they bring outrage beauty to your home.

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The Swedish OFFECCT with the team Kovisto Rune Claesson, created Etage a collection of coffee table inspiration definitely contemporary.Overlay planes at different heights and shiny appearance, materials such as formica and plywood, bright colors, like orange or pink, muted by the sober tone, however, as white or beige, make a coffee table Etage suitable for modern and futuristic.

The combination of colors should make you think where you can place it, to attract the eye of the beholder.It should be noticeable in any room.