Enjoy The World Upside Down – Fun Decorating Ideas

Sometimes it’s fun to break the unwritten rules and to do the exact opposite. In interior décor, this can result in some pretty great ideas. Let’s see how people used this concept when decorating their homes and how displaying items upside down can change the look of your own home.

Inverter drawer for more spaceView in gallery

In a small home office, a great idea can be to have a pull-out table or desk. This one looks like an inverted drawer. Pull it out whenever needed and hide it afterwords. It lets you save a lot of space.

Upside down wall artView in gallery

Why do paintings and artwork always have to be displayed the right way and why not upside down? As it turns out, a simple change like this one can turn a boring piece into a focal point. If you want to emphasize the change even more, display the same piece next to it but right side up.

Fence upside down porchView in gallery

What if you were to put a fence on your patio but not where everyone expects it to be. Instead of using it to separate the sitting area from the entrance, for example, look above you and you can change the whole décor.

Recycled upside down plantersView in gallery

Upside down planters are not that unusual but they definitely fit in this category. You can make your own upside planter using tin cans, a wire hanger, fabric scraps and coffee filters. Remove the bottom of the can, drill holes in it and tape it back on. Add a cardboard circle and after that it all comes together easily.

Drawer upsidedown decorView in gallery

What if, when you open the drawer on your nightstand, you actually get an extension like a small table? Of course, you’ll still get the storage space inside. You’ll just have a wooden tables placed on top.

Nikos tsoumanis wairsView in gallery

These chairs look like they’re sinking into the wall and this is not even the most unusual part about them. They are placed upside down on the wall and turned into hangers. It’s a very ingenious and unusual idea.

Diy ladder shelf ideas bookshelf upside downView in gallery

Use two ladders to make a shelving unit for your home. But instead of placing the ladders right side up, turn them upside down. It will give your shelves a more interesting look.

Inverted bookshelfView in gallery

This inverted bookshelf is one of my favorite. Instead of placing the book on the shelf like most people do, you’ll be displaying them underneath the shelf. The system is actually quite simple. It uses elastic straps to keep the books aligned.

Inverted Wine Bottle PlanterView in gallery

Making an upside down wine bottle planter is really easy. The most difficult part is cutting off the bottom of the bottle. Then you just sand it down to make it smooth and you add the soil and the plants. Use rope or twine to hang the planter.

Low recycled wine bottles fenceView in gallery

A nice trick is to take a bunch of empty wine bottle and place them into the ground, upside down in your yard. This is especially useful if you want to prevent the soil from washing away when it rains. It’s like making a tiny fence.

Bedroom sign upsidedownView in gallery

Of course, if you prefer something simpler but equally interesting, you can just take a vintage sign and display it upside down in your bedroom. It’s also a nice opportunity to add some color to the room. The sign will be a focal point.

Green Lovely Pet BedView in gallery

If you happen to have a small side table or an ottoman which you no longer need, then turn it into a lovely bed for your cat or small dog. Just flip it upside down and put a pillow inside or a tiny mattress. The cat will have a chic poster bed.

Half wine barrelView in gallery

A barrel can make a wonderful coffee table, especially for the porch or patio. All you have to do is find an old barrel and cut off the top portion. Then place it upside down and enjoy it.

Down windowView in gallery

Not all windows have to be above floor level. In fact, it can be very interesting to have a low window somewhere in the house, maybe in the hallway and see the world from a different angle.

Window blinds down used for privacyView in gallery

When you put up the blinds in your bedroom, it can be nice to leave the top portion uncovered to enjoy the morning sun. the light and the sun will get inside but they won’t bother you directly. Also, you don;t have to worry about your privacy.

Hanging pendants upside downView in gallery

These lovely pendant light above the kitchen island look like they’re upside lamps. The design is definitely interesting. They contrast with the white walls and ceiling and they have an elegant look.

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