Elegant Asquare Table by Buro Bruno

Origami represents an art based on decorations and things made out of paper.This type of table designed by Buro Bruno is not made of paper but has an origami element. The table is round and is made of glass. Its legs have an origami shape and are arranged as a star shape. This star can be seen through the glass of the table so that creates the impression that it is a decoration put on the table or integrated in the glass surface. The beautiful, white legs of the table underline the designer’s elegant and original style. Its entire shape looks like an UFO too that seems to be landed in your home and ready to explore all the surroundings.

Asquare 1

It is not a sophisticated model. It combines simplicity, modernity, good taste and elegance. The asquare table is an original piece of furniture that you can easily find a place for it as it is not so big and very useful.

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