Arne Jacobsen’s Iconic Egg Chair In Modern And Contemporary Design

Ever since it was designed by Arne Jacobsen in 1958, the Egg Chair was used to make spaces look sophisticated and beautiful. It’s still very popular despite its age and that’s all due to the design which is truly timeless. The chair was originally one of the pieces designed to furnish the SAS Royal Copenhagen Hotel in 1960 and became the designer’s signature piece. Since then, it’s been manufactured by Fritz Hansen. Today we want to see how well the Egg Chair has preserved its charm and beauty over the years and how it can be integrated into modern and contemporary interior decors.

Fabric upholstered Egg Chair design - large living room with lot of seatingView in gallery

There’s a multitude of ways in which the stylish Egg Chair can be integrated into a living room. Studio David Jameson Architect chose to make it an accent piece when designing the NaCi Residence in Bethesda, Maryland. Its design fits perfectly into the diverse and eclectic decor of this contemporary living room.

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Like a lot of other classic and iconic furniture pieces, the Egg Chair inspired a lot of replicas and various different versions of it were designed. This one is a bit more compact than the original and that makes it better-suited for this hallway designed by Saukkonen + Partners for an apartment in Helsinki, Finland.

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This iconic chair is available in a variety of different colors, including some very bright and vibrant ones. This diversity makes it even more versatile. A bright orange version of the chair was used by Metaform to give this living room an eye-catching focal point.

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When they designed this contemporary home in Milan, Paolo Frello & Partners chose a clean and neutral chromatic palette for the walls, floors and most of the furniture and decided that the accessories and decorations would be the ones to add color and character to the spaces. In the living room, for example, the dark wooden flooring is complemented by a casual light brown area rug and a matching Egg Chair and stool set. It’s the framed artwork on the walls and the red pouf in the corner that brighten up the room with their vibrant colors.

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Too much color can overwhelm a space and designs like that of the Egg Chair can stand out with their iconic form alone. Take this black one for instance. It sits in the corner of this eco-friendly space designed by Djuric Tardio Architectes and it looks exquisite while the dining chairs are the ones that add color to the room.

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The Egg Chair looks exquisite both as a standalone piece and when used in combination with its matching footstool. Together they make a beautiful pair which highlights the simple, sinuous and elegant lines chosen by Arne Jacobsen for the series. You can see the pair here in a contemporary house in Jordan created by Symbiosis Designs.

high ceiling living room with black leather egg chairView in gallery

The same iconic duo was used by Ralph Germann Architectes to give this home from Switzerland a timeless and refined look without compromising on comfort. The curvaceous lines and smooth form of the Egg Chair and stool contrast with the sharp geometry of the tables but at the same time establish a connection with the modular sofa unit.

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The leather-upholstered version of the Egg Chair tends to be a bit more formal-looking than the fabric version but its design is so well-balanced, harmonious and exquisite that no matter what material or color you choose, it will always make spaces look welcoming, cozy and sophisticated, like this cool reading corner designed by Ksenia Nikitina for a house in Moscow.

Accent chair for living room - Upholstered egg chairView in gallery

The design of the Egg Chair is incredibly versatile, this being one of the reasons why it’s still popular today. In other words, you can choose to either make this piece stand out and serve as a focal point or blend in. During the remodel of the Hall House in 2012, Salmela Architect chose the second option. This is a house that was originally built in the 1880’s so what better way to capture its timelessness than with this iconic piece of furniture?

Green upholstered Arne Jacobsen Egg ChairView in gallery

The Egg Chair is popular all around the world so it’s not surprise to find in a contemporary home from Seoul, in South Korea. We love the shade of green it features and the way in which it makes the whole living area feel fresh and vibrant. This was a collaborative project between Joel Sanders Architect and Haeahn Architecture.

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You can even find the iconic Egg Chair is hotels, one example being Hotel Habita Monterrey which captures the best in mid-century design and pays homage to classic and timeless pieces such as this one. The clean and minimalist style and the preference for smooth and curvilinear forms are defining characteristics for the hotel.

Monochromatic grey living room interior design with egg chairView in gallery

This is a living room designed by Studiopepe. It’s envisioned as a neutral space reminiscent of black-and-white photos where the wooden cabinets and shelves are the only things that stand out. a light gray Egg Chair complements the room without standing out through color yet its iconic form manages to turn it into an eye-catching piece nevertheless.

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What’s better than an Egg Chair you ask? Well two of them, of course. Four of these chairs put together are even better than that and right now we’re actually describing the cozy lobby of one of the hostels remodeled by The DesignAgency together with ORBIT and Acrylicize have recently completed the restyling of the design hostel, Generator London.. The chairs sit around a small round-top table and form a comfortable seating environment for the guests.

Swedish interior design with black leather egg chairView in gallery

This home from Stockholm definitely knows how to make pastels look great. The mint green walls, the light gray curtains, the blue sofa and the textured rug in the living room all add up to a very serene and peaceful ambiance while the black accents introduced by the side table and the Egg Chair balance out the tones and ground the decor.

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A great thing about the Egg Chair and other timeless furniture pieces like it is that they can equally beautiful when used as standalone pieces, focal points or when included in eclectic and busy decors. This apartment in Berlin designed by NOVONO lets the chair stand out all while maintaining a cohesive and uniform look. It’s a design inspired by the “less is more” idea.

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The light blue Egg Chair and the stool are a perfect match for the pastel-colored artwork displayed above the fireplace. The combination is simply perfect for this corner. The warmth of the wood-burning fireplace and the dark-stained wooden floor highlight the soft and delicate blue shade even more.

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Every home is different and special, molded after its inhabitants. The Wilton Residence is quite interesting in this sense because it combines contemporary European and classical American elements. The eclectic design resulted from this mixture reflects the history of the owners: an American family that lived in Europe for 13 years and then returned to the US. This is a design by UXUS.

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Scandinavian decors are bright, simple and pure and we love that about them. We love the fact that textures and subtle hues of color are important and that even strong contrasts feel natural. The two Egg Chairs showcased here give this house from the late 1800s a stylish and updated look without erasing its historic character.

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There are lots of ways in which a small space can be furnished and decorated so that it’s comfortable, stylish and inviting without feeling cluttered and tiny. Molecule chose for this apartment a design strategy that includes minimalist shelving, contemporary artwork and two classical and iconic chairs: the Egg Chair and the Eames Lounge Chair.

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Considering the neutral and light-toned decor of this living room, we find the color on this Egg Chair to be a beautiful and interesting choice. It adds warmth to the room without contrasting with its surroundings in a very obvious or dramatic manner.

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The Egg Chair has a special place in this refurbished living, being complemented by a stylish floor lamp. Together they form the perfect reading nook, a spot from where the whole room can be seen and which also has a nice view through the large window.