Echo Desk

Home furniture has to be available in a great variety. You might think it already is but you can’t be more wrong. Each individual has its own taste in fashion, furniture, food and so on. To please everyone there should be more design ideas than people. Let’s take this desk for instance. How many of you like it? It is functional thanks to those large storage spaces and it looks modern due to the process of manufacturing and materials used in that process.

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White is everywhere and it’s a sign of modernism. Neutral colors make things easier to blend into an environment but also make things disposable and people don’t attach now as much from their furniture as the used to. Cheap materials make possible more and more pieces to appear and as a consequence their life expectance drops really fast.

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I can’t see this particular desk in other place than in young person’s house. It was designed with this image in mind: always on the run, with no interest on the essence hidden in any object that surrounds us. Small apartments could use this desk because you can check your e-mails and be in touch with our friends or listen to your music, you can work on it and if your are studying or just graduated and you’re on your new job it has places for books, files folders and your briefcase. Is all about functionality, a thing done perfectly, but it’s a little simple and boxy for me; it doesn’t catch my attention as soon as I enter the room.Available for 320 euros.