Duoback Korea’s functional chair Duorest Alpha

I want to say that I spend all my time siting at my desk and to be comfortable I use a directorial chair. If you are like me and have a static job behind a desk then you know it’s very important to have an ergonomic and comfortable chair or else you will have back problems. There are many chairs that fit this description, but this one is awesome and it is called DuoRest Alpha. It is made in Korea and it has a great design.

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Featuring two independently adjustable backrests–one for each side of your spine.There a many benefits of this double chair offering full relaxation. There are, of course, many things you can adjust to this chair so as to make it as comfortable as possible and to make it perfect for you. For example you can add a head rest if you want to and you can adjust the height and the position of the chair and also to choose the colour that you like or that matches the furniture in your office. The Duorest Alpha is available for $500.