DIY Woven Hanging Planter

Weaving seems to be all the rage lately. While simple wall hangings are a great way to show off your weaving skills, there can be more practical ways to add the same color and texture into your home decor. If you have houseplants, you can consider weaving a hanging plant holder. It’s probably easier than you think!

Hanging woven planter diy

DIY Woven Hanging Planter Supplies:

  • empty plastic planter
  • cord
  • hot glue
  • yarn in various colors
  • scissors
  • plant

Step 1: Secure cord to hang planter

hanging planter

The first step of this project is to add some cord to the plastic planter that will allow it to hang on a ceiling hook once it’s completed. Start by cutting two pieces of cord that are exactly the same length – the measurement will vary depending on the size of your planter – but each piece of cord should be able to reach from about a foot above the top of the planter, down across the bottom and back up again to a foot above the planter. Secure each of the pieces of cord with hot glue across the bottom so that they are perpendicular to one another. Add a dab of hot glue to secure the cord to the top rim of the planter as well.

Step 2: Add cord around the planter

hanging woven planter tutorial

Once the main pieces of cord are glued in place, you will need to add more to reach around the rim of the planter. Each piece should be able to reach from the top rim, down across the bottom, and back up to the top rim on the other side of the planter. Glue each of the pieces of cord in place across the bottom and just at the very top rim of the planter. Leave about a centimeter or less in between each piece of cord.

Step 3: Create yarn fringe

hanging planter fringe

When all of the cord is secured in place, it’s time to start decorating. Cut some pieces of yarn and make fringe to add around the bottom rim of the planter. To do this, loop pieces of yarn between the pieces of cord and tie them together with another piece of yarn. You can try using different knots if you have a larger planter to work with. Add as much or as little fringe as you’d like. You can even have multiple rows of fringe if you so choose.

Step 4: Choose a base color

hanging planter weaving

Next, it’s time to start actually weaving. Take one type of yarn that you’d like to use as a base color and use a weaving needle to loop it back and forth between each piece of cord as shown.

Step 5: Add shapes

hanging woven planter design

You can also get creative with patterns and shapes. To do this, choose a different type of yarn and weave it in the same way in between the pieces of cord. But instead of going around the entire planter, just stop part of the way around and go back and forth changing the amount of rows and columns to create different shapes.

Step 5: Fill in the rest

hanging planter weaving design

Then you’ll need to go back to your base color of yarn and fill in the rest of the planter until all the pieces of cord up to the top rim are basically filled in.

Step 6: Cover up the cord

hanging planter yarn

Since the top rim of the planter is where you originally glued the pieces of cord, it could look a little messy. To cover it up, choose a thick type of yarn to glue around the top of the planter, covering up any excess cord.

Step 7: Add plant and hang

hanging woven planter

Now your plant holder should be complete. Add a plant, preferably one that’s in just a slightly smaller planter than the one you added your weaving to, but you can also add it the plant directly to that planter. Then just tie the long pieces of cord at the top and hang the planter up in your home!