DIY Nautical Pillow Case Table Runner

Create this clever table runner with a couple of extra pillow cases and a few fun embellishments. We chose nautical pillow cases for summer and finished them with a few rope tassels for a summery feel but this DIY concept can be applied to any pillow cases you have on hand!

DIY nautical pillow case table runner

Supplies needed for DIY Nautical Pillow Case Table Runner:

  • 2 pillow cases
  • rope for tassels if desired
  • embroidery floss
  • needle
  • sewing machine
  • pins
  • scissors
supplies for table runner

Creating Your Own Nautical Pillow Case Table Runner Instructions:

Step 1: Start cutting pillow cases

Start by creating the runner with your 2 pillow cases. Cut each case down the sides so that they create one large long slim piece of fabric.

step-by-step instructions

Step 2: Sew pillow cases together

Pin the two tops of the pillow cases together right side up and then do some simple sewing with a cross stitch across with the embroidery floss and needle (sew across one direction at an angle and then come back in the opposite direction).

Step 3: Hem the edges of the table runner

Hem around the entire outside of the table runner to get rid of the rough edges from cutting the cases apart. Once the entire runner is hemmed you could stop here or continue on to the second part of the tutorial to add the rope tassels (the same concept could be used with floss or yarn tassels for attachment).

rope tassels

Step 4: Create the rope tassels

To create the rope tassels, cut 4 small pieces of rope and tie in a knot with excess on each side.

Pillow case table runner instructions

Step 5: Attach the rope tassels 

Connect the rope tassel by wrapping the top with more embroidery floss attached to a needle. Once wrapped around, put the needle up through the center of the rope to attach to the table runner. It may help to seal the end of the rope tassel ahead of time with modge podge, hot glue, or white glue (this keeps all of the rope pieces together at the top).

Step 6: Tie off the bottom

After the thread is through the top of the table runner, sew another cross-stitch into the table runner and through the rope tassel at an angle. Once finished tie off on the bottom of the runner between the runner and the tassel. Attach the rest of the tassels at each of the corners of the table runner.

cross stitch

Once you are finished with the rope tassels the runner is complete! Pull out this fun textile at your next summer gathering for an instant nautical theme!

nautical runner with floral centerpiece
nautical runner and place setting
table runner ends
nautical rope tassel accents
nautical themed table runner