DIY Wooden Plant Markers

This time of year, many people are starting gardens and building up their collections of flowers and houseplants. So it’s important to keep all of your plants properly labeled. There are plenty of different ways to do this. But if you want an incredibly easy approach to plant labeling, consider these basic wooden plant markers.

Wooden plant label

DIY Wooden Plant Markers Supplies:

  • wooden popsicle sticks
  • scissors
  • paint
  • paintbrush
  • painter’s tape (optional)
  • markers or colored pencils
  • plants

Step 1: Cut popsicle sticks

Wooden plant label

Traditional popsicle sticks might be just a bit long for this project. So unless you want your plant markers to really be a focal point in your garden or plant area, consider trimming it down a little bit and even include a bit of a point toward the bottom so that it easily fits into your soil or garden.

Step 2: Paint a base coat

wooden painted plant markers

Then you’ll need to pick a color of paint to provide a base coat for your popsicle stick. You can paint just one side or both, depending on how visible each side will be in your garden. Apply multiple coats until you’re happy with the color and then let the paint dry completely. You can even use some painter’s tape to cover up the bottom point to give it a paint-dipped look.

Step 3: Decorate

wooden plant markers decorated

This is your chance to get creative. Use some painter’s tape to create geometric shapes. Paint some small polka dots. Or include some stickers or washi tape to just customize it to your own taste and decor style. Have fun with this step and then let it dry before moving on.

Step 4: Label

wooden labeled plant markers

Now it’s time to add the actual names of each of your plants to the markers themselves. You can use stencils or stickers if you prefer a more polished look. Or you can simply use a marker or colored pencils to write on the labels in keeping with your decorative accents.

Step 5: Set up near plants

wooden plant label

Once everything is dried and set in place, it’s time to add the completed markers to your garden or plants. Insert the pointed end into your garden or potted plants so that you can still see the label, but so it’s not standing out too much. That’s it! Now you have an incredibly easy solution for your garden organization!