DIY Home Projects You Should Not Do Alone

DIY can grant you some of the best works of art, the most practical solutions, and the most amazing memories you’ll ever have. But as the saying goes, “too much of anything is a bad thing.” This is true for DIY as well.

DIY Projects To Avoid

While there are plenty of projects that are perfect for doing yourself, others not so much. These are usually left to the professionals due to safety and aesthetic reasons. With safety coming out as a top priority. 

DIY Projects To Avoid

Now we’re going to talk about some DIY projects, remodeling, and installations that you probably should hire a professional for. Of course, if you have experience in these fields and are up for the task, go for it. 

These things should only be done by professionals for safety reasons and little else. Because safety should always be out first and that’s what a professional not only will do but can do. So try to avoid these DIY projects. 

Removing Old Paint

Removing Old Paint

Removing old paint should be left to the professionals for health reasons. Because old paint was made with lead and lead can cause lead poisoning. So if your paint is flaking or peeling, call a professional.

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New paints aren’t made with lead and pose no threat. So you can remove it if you like but then again, it is better for a painter to use a paint stripper or whatever it is you are using as they can do so without damaging anything else. 

Taking Down Popcorn Ceilings

Taking Down Popcorn Ceilings

Popcorn ceilings should be left to the professionals for a similar reason. Because they pose a health risk. Popcorn ceilings were originally made with asbestos, which most of us are well familiar with.

Even if the popcorn ceilings are relatively new, it’s better to be safe. Because asbestos is very dangerous and when concerning it, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. So leave popcorn ceilings alone or call someone to help.

Placing Solar Panels

Placing Solar Panels

Solar panels are the future, we’ve figured out that much by now. But we are still in the present where they are new to us and our homes. That’s why to get the best results, it’s better to have a professional install them.

When it comes to small scales like camping or an RV, you can get by with installing them yourself as these solar panels come in kits. But when powring something larger, hire the company you purchases them from. 

Plumbing Installation

Plumbing Installation

Most people are quickly overwhelmed when faced with plumbing issues or installing new plumbing. That is perfectly okay. There’s a reason plumbers get good pay. Because it pays off to be trained in the trade.

So unless you’re a plumber or plumber’s apprentice, stick to calling a professional. Because no matter what you do, the job won’t be as well done and can even up the costs of repairs if you mess things up.

Electric And Wiring

DIY Projects To Avoid

Electric and wiring are even more touchy than plumbing. Not to mention is a lot more dangerous too. In fact, this is the most dangerous job you can do without being trained to do it. So please leave this one.

You can change a lightbulb and sometimes replace a light fixture. But when it comes to actual wiring, let a professional handle it. Because it’s never worth the risk of electrocution or an electrical fire.

Window Replacement

DIY Projects To Avoid

This one is usually perfectly safe to do alone. However, if you prefer to safe time, money, and energy, then avoid doing this yourself. Or at least, avoid finishing it out yourself. You can get fairly far alone.

But before you decide to say you’re done, hire someone to ensure everything is done correctly so that you won’t use as much energy. This goes for doors too as both need to be sealed properly before using them.

Adding A Skylight

Adding A Skylight

Energy efficiency is the least of your concerns with DIY skylights. Because an improperly installed can mean all kinds of danger and not just when in tornado, flood, or hurricane zones. But all the time.

Even the installation of a skylight can be dangerous. You can fall through the roof or sacrifice the integrity of your home due to improper hole-cutting. Always hire a professional to do the entire skylight. 

Changing Your Roof

Changing Your Roof

Changing out your roof is a dangerous business. Not only can you injure yourself working up there alone, but there are so many micro-decisions that need to be made. Decisions that a professional should help you make. 

It doesn’t matter if you’re going from a complicated roof to a simple one, or vice versa. It also doesn’t matter if you’re just doing repairs. Roofs should be left and inspected by professionals before you touch them.

Getting Rid Of Black Mold

Removing Mold On Bathroom Ceiling

Although most types of mold are fairly safe to get rid of on your own, certain types are far too dangerous. Black mold is one of those types that you shouldn’t attempt to remove without the proper precautions. 

It may be tempting to try to go at it alone but it will always be better to wait for a professional. They can at least let you know what type of mold you’re dealing with and the best route to take to remove it.

Molding And Trim

Molding And Trim

Here’s another project that’s technically safe to do alone but never turns out right. Because this is finishing work, it’s easy to mess up royally. Especially if you get the wrong cuts and have to do annoying piecework.

Thankfully, if you supply the materials, it’s fairly inexpensive to hire someone to do this work. The job that professionals can do is seamless. It will look like you have one single piece of molding in your home. 

Installing New Drywall

DIY Projects To Avoid

Here’s another time that there’s nothing wrong with installing yourself as far safety is concerned, as long as you follow one rule. Ensure Every crack and hole is filled so the insulation won’t seep through. 

However, it’s always better to hire a professional to hang drywall simply because it’s difficult to do right. Getting the tape and mud smooth and even is nearly impossible if you’re a beginner in the field. 

Garage Door Installation 

Garage Door Installation 

This can be very dangerous if not done right. Because the door can collapse on people or on a car. Not only is this super dangerous for people living in the home but could easily mean a lawsuit if done to a visitor.

So be sure that you don’t install garage doors alone unless you have plenty of experience doing so. Garage doors are heavier than they appear. Especially if you have a two-car garage or something even bigger. 

Touching Insulation 

Fireproof Insulation

Not only should you not install insulation on your own, but you also shouldn’t even touch it. Insulation is often made with fiberglass which can actually cut you if you touch it. But not only that, but it is harmful to breathe.

Many other insulations are available but others can also be harmful. So it’s always best to hire a professional for this. Especially since they can ensure you get the most out of the energy efficiency of the insulation. 

Drilling Without A Stud Finder

DIY Projects To Avoid

Drilling into your wall isn’t a good idea unless you are sure about the stud locations. Because you can create countless holes that need to be patched lest you allow insects to crawl through or sacrifice your water barrier. 

So always use a stud finder or hire someone if you don’t have a stud finder/don’t want to buy one. Because the more you drill, the less wall you have and the more you can affect the structural integrity of your home. 


Types Of Foundation

Foundations are the most important part of the house. They are completely load-bearing and the entire house depends on it. It doesn’t matter if you are building a concrete or wooden foundation, it is important. 

So always hire someone to build your foundation and get you started. Then you can decide what you can do alone and what you need to be guided through. Perhaps next time you’ll be on your own with newfound confidence. 

Dealing With HVAC

HVAC units can be quite a hassle. It doesn’t matter if it’s air conditioning, heating, or a hybrid unit. Doing repairs and installing is not easy to do unless you’ve been trained to install them on your own.

That said, there are options that can be done alone and are meant to be done DIY. But in general, for energy efficiency and safety reasons, it’s better to have an HVAC professional install them for you.

Anything With A Ladder

Avoid getting on a ladder without someone there to help you out. Ladders are simple but they can be extremely dangerous if you’re not careful. Always have someone nearby because you could easily injure yourself.

For best results, hire a team if you need to use a ladder. They can take care of everything as they are trained to use a ladder safely and usually have at least two people doing each job for safety reasons. 

Tree Removal

Tree Removal Cost

Removing trees is never easy. In fact, you should never remove any tree that is taller than you are without help. This isn’t for the tree’s health, this is for your safety. Because trees can be very dangerous.

They need to be uprooted correctly and they need to be controlled or they will fall in the wrong direction. So always hire someone such as an expert tree removal service if you have a tree you want to be removed as soon as possible.