How To Achieve Harmony In A Small Bedroom With DIY Projects

Small bedroom interiors are usually very straight-forward and simple and it’s why they often get overlooked. Yet small rooms are often the most difficult to work with, simply because you have to be clever when choosing all the details of the decor in order to fit everything inside while maintaining a pleasant and inviting ambiance. And what better way to do that than with a few simple DIY projects?

Customized headboards.

Ikea hack headboardView in gallery

A wooden headboard is both elegant and cozy-looking, not to mention that there are lots of possibilities in terms of design and shape. With a case of Stikwood and a Malm bedframe from Ikea you can make a lovely headboard for the bedroom. Choose any color and finish you like.{found on sugarandcloth}.

Painting wall above bedView in gallery

One way of complementing a headboard is by painting the wall behind it. This orange and wood ombre 3D cube design is cheerful and complements the room in a striking way. The white headboard is almost undetectable.{found on site}.

Rope headboardView in gallery

Want something a little more crafty, something you can do on a week-end? How about this rope headboard? It’s very easy to make and you can customize it with any colors you want. All you need is some timber, 2 or more different types of rope, glue or nail polish, a handsaw and some screws.{found on ninemsn}.

Pegboard headboard storage thingsView in gallery

A pegboard headboard is an interesting idea. It allows you to easily change its look and to personalize it with framed photos, decorations and all sorts of other things. Making the headboard is easy too. You need a pegboard, clear spacers, hangers and mounting tools.{found on sugarandcloth}.

Wooden shutters used like headboardView in gallery

Here’s a very nice idea for a beach house. Make a headboard using shutters. You’ll give your bedroom a cozy, cottage-style look. If you’re using new shutters, you can give them a weathered look by painting them with a dry brushing technique and then sanding the outside edges and the front edge.

Headboard palletsView in gallery

One of the easiest things to do is a headboard out of wooden pallets. Use one or two pallets and simply secure them together. The wood looks very nice against the green wall in this bedroom, especially in combination with the stripes on the adjacent wall.

Side tables and nightstands.

Tree stump side tableView in gallery

Perhaps a new or improved side table or nightstand would make your bedroom feel more inviting. You can make a unique side table using tree stumps. Find a few stumps, dry them out, remove the bark and apply wood filler to any large cracks or holes. Then either stain or paint the wood.{found on abeautifulmess}.

Side table brightView in gallery

Use copper tubes to make some industrial-looking legs for your side table or coffee table. If you have a tabletop then it’s even better because you’ll save some money. Just repaint the top, perhaps using two different colors like here and attach the legs.{found on site}.

Side table space savingView in gallery

Here’s another great idea. Use stackable stools as nightstands. First give them a makeover. Paint the legs golden like here and the seat light blue. Then you can stack them, place them in a corner and use them as a nightstand, side table and, if guests need a place to sit down, as stools.{found on joyfullyhome}.

Half table used like night standView in gallery

If you have an old table you no longer use, get it out of storage, cut it in half and mount it on the wall. It will make a wonderful and unique nightstand. Paint it a bold color to make it stand out even more.

Crate like night standView in gallery

Wooden crates also make interesting nightstands if you take the time to give them a sharp look. Clean then, stain them and they’ll give your bedroom a rustic look.

Bedside shelving

Marble shelfView in gallery

Shelves are also very useful in the bedroom. Whether you want them to replace the nightstand completely to save space or you simply need some extra room for displaying and storing things, wall-mounted shelves are the answer. For a unique look, try a copper and marble shelf. You need sopper plated tubing hooks, marble and heavy duty glue.{found on themerrythought}.

Wooden shelfView in gallery

A wooden shelf is a simple project you can do on a week-end or afternoon. You need two pieces of hardwood, two small pieces of plywood, some screws, a saw, a drill, stain and glue. Assemble the shelf and mount it on the wall anywhere you want.{found on poppytalk}.

Corner shelf like night standView in gallery

Corner shelves are particularly practical. In a small bedroom, you can save some space by opting for a corner shelf instead of a nightstand. This way the bedroom will seem more spacious and you won;t have to compromise on comfort.

Wall mounted night stand for small bedroomView in gallery

Another option is to have a wall-mounted nightstand. It’s similar to a corner shelf but a little bit more complex. It’s mostly just for show but I guess you could also include an extra shelf underneath or perhaps a drawer. Paint it the same color as the wall to make the room seem bigger.{found on littlegreennotebook}.

Lighting ideas

Wall haning lights above the bedView in gallery

Turn your bedroom into a princess’ den and hang some sparkly lights on the wall. You need Fairy lights, small picture hooks, a hammer ans some small pegs for the pictures.{found on lights4fun}.

Metalic brass hanging lightingView in gallery

This DIY pendant sconce has a simple but chic look. The metallic color gives it an industrial look. Mount it on the wall above the nightstand or above the headboard and you can use it as a reading light. To make it you need a metallic pendant light, a bracket, spray paint, a drill and a vintage inspired bulb.{found on sugarandcloth}.

Concrete night stand lampView in gallery

Feeling crafty? Make a concrete lamp for the bedroom. You just need a mold and you can shape it however you want. Find a bulb you like and add the cord and wires. It’s a simple project and you can really have fun with it.{found on pastill}.

Jute twinkle light shade tutorialView in gallery

Here’s how you can make jute light shades. You need a glue gun, white plastic cups, double braided jute twine, a knife and scissors. Cut an x in the flat part of the cups. Put some glue around the rim and begin to coil the twine. Cover the entire cup. When you have enough shades, insert the tiny bulb from the Christmas lights and hang your creation.{found on site}.

Diy mini modern hanging chandelierView in gallery

Make a modern mini chandelier using solid color cord, patterned color cord, sockets and bulbs. First assemble the cords and sockets. Then tie a loose knot with all three cords and loop the cords until you get the desired length. Install a ceiling hook and hang the chandelier.{found on designsponge}.

Hanging mason jar wall sconceView in gallery

As we’ve mentioned many times, Mason jars are incredibly useful and versatile. You can use one to make a sconce light for the bedroom. It’s very easy and you can figure out the steps by simply looking at the design. The sconce would look nice in a small bedroom.

DIY rugs.

Diy yarn rug homeditView in gallery

Did it ever cross your mind that you could make your own rug? It’s not something we usually think about but it’s possible. For example, you can make a lovely little pom-pom rug, perfect for a small bedroom. You basically just have to make a bunch of small pom-poms and then tie them together.

Stitch crocheted alpaca rugsView in gallery

How about a crocheted rug? Don’t worry, it won’t take forever to complete it. You need big stitch yarn in the color of your choice and a size S crochet hook. You’ll just have to follow the pattern and instructions for the design you’ve chosen and it will be done in no time.{found on purlbee}.

RopeRug Styled diyView in gallery

You can also use rope to make an interesting-looking rug. You’ll also need bright spandex fabric and a rug pad. Cut a length of rope and a strip of fabric. Curl up the fabric into the rope and glue the ends. Twist the spandex around the rope and attach glue to hold it in place. Then make coils of different sizes. Once you have enough, arrange them in a design you like on the rug pad and secure them with glue. Cut off the excess.{found on brit}.

Embellished pillows.

Fabric flower pillow DIY homeditView in gallery

Pillows really make any room feel cozy and welcoming so make sure you include them in your bedroom’s décor. You can decorate a simple pillow with a few fabric flowers just to give it a nicer look. Use fabric scraps to make the flowers and sew them onto the pillow.

Typographic pillows zzz designView in gallery

You can create all sorts of interesting designs which you then attach to simple pillowcases to make them look more interesting. Use your printer, iron-on adhesive and some cotton fabric to personalize simple pillow cases.

Winter Bedroom Sweater Pillows DetailView in gallery

Turn an old sweater into a cute pillow. You’ll need pillows or pillow inserts, knit sweaters or shirts, a needle and some thread. Dress the pillow, align the arms with the top corners, fold and tuck them in and you’re done.{found on hgtv}.

Diy pillows three simpleView in gallery

Also, if you feel handy with a brush, you can paint a few stripes on the pillow case. You need fabric paint, a coarse paintbrush and something to pour the paint in.{found on creaturecomfortsblog}.

Space-saving beds.

Hanging bed floor space designView in gallery

This type of bed can be an interesting choice for the kids’ bedroom where they need lots of floorspace to play or for the desk. The main idea is that you suspend the bed from the ceiling with hooks and chains. But be careful because everything has to be safe and secure.{found on mandatownsend}.

Extra storage space underneath the bedsView in gallery

Here’s a way in which you can add extra storage space underneath the beds. It’a s ort of combination between a dresser and a bed. The mattress sits on top of the storage unit and there are a few stairs in the middle for easy access.

Desk under the bedView in gallery

Loft beds are always great space-savers. A suspended bed like this one leaves plenty of room underneath for a workstation or a cozy sitting area. You can have two comfy benches and a table in the center.{found on 30smagazine}.

Bed frame upstairs storage underView in gallery

And here’s yet another modern option for small bedrooms. The bed sits on an elevated platform with built-in storage spaces underneath. It’s a great and practical way of saving space without giving up furniture or comfort.{found on kiadesign}.