DIY Embellished Flower Fabric Pillow

Looking for a fun way to dress up that plain old toss pillow? Using scraps of fabric, sew these simple flowers to create a lushly embellished toss pillow that will quickly spruce up any space! A fabric pillow is perfect to dress up your plain old sofa or a lovely outdoor space like a front porch. Get creative with the placement of the florals and make a few!

fabric pillow

Flower Fabric Pillow Supplies:

  • pillow (use a plan pillow, can be handmade or store bought)
  • fabric scraps
  • scissors
  • thick thread or pearl cotton
  • needle with a large eye for the thick cotton
scraps of fabric and pillow

DIY Fabric Pillow Instructions:

Step 1: Cut fabric into strips

Cut a piece of scrap fabric in a strip and accordion fold the entire strip

Step 2: Cut the petals for your fabric pillow

Keeping the fabric folded by pinching at the bottom, cut the top of the fold into a petal. Make sure to keep the pieces of fabric attached at the bottom by not cutting the petal too deep and leaving a line across the bottom. Unfold the piece of fabric and ensure that all of the petals were cut out separately from one another but still attached to the bottom line.

Step 3: Sew a line at the bottom

Using a needle and a long piece of thread knotted at the end, sew a line along the bottom of the petals. Continue to sew until you reach the end of the petals.

Step 4: One final stitch 

Push all of the fabric towards the threaded knot and pull the thread tight. Make one last stitch at the start of the petals to close the circle and create a flower. Tie off the thread there but leave excess string to later attach to the pillow. Repeat steps 1-4 for more flowers to create a lush pillow!

Step 5:  Sew flower to the fabric pillow

Using the leftover thread off the flower and your needle, sew each flower to the pillow. Add as many flowers as desired in any type of grouping you like!

fabric flower steps for pillow
fabric flower pillow

Have fun with a monochromatic or ombre floral theme. Or create multicolored florals or a brighter pop on the pillow. Use various fabrics with different textures and patterns (like we did here- a combination of lace, sheer fabrics, and pieces of cotton) to really customize your fabric pillow! After you’re done making some for yourself, make a few more for family and friends!