DIY Pressed Flowers Wall Art

Flowers are a popular staple in many homes, particularly during the spring months. But one of the drawbacks to flowers is that they don’t always last very long. There are ways, however, to keep you flowers around for longer than a week or two. Pressing is one very popular method. And the tutorial below shows you just one way to show off pressed flowers in your home.

DIY Pressed Flowers Wall Art

DIY Pressed Flowers Wall Art Supplies

  • fresh flowers
  • scissors
  • flower press (or books and wax paper)
  • canvas
  • paint (optional)
  • paintbrush
  • mod podge

Step 1: Cut Flowers

Cutting Flowers

You can enjoy your fresh flowers in a vase for a little while before deciding to press them, but don’t wait too long. You still want your flowers to be fresh and colorful (not brown!) before pressing them. When you’re ready, cut each flower you want to press right where the stem meets the base of the flower. You can even detach some of the petals to press them separately to use as accents.

Step 2: Press Flowers

Flower Press

Next, you’ll need to actually press the flowers. You can use a dedicated flower press or just place each flower between sheets of wax paper and place them between pages of a book. You’ll want to place extra weight on top of them or tighten the flower press as you go. To let them press fully, you should let them sit for at least a week or two.

Step 3: Prep Canvas

Pressed Flowers Art

While you’re waiting for your flowers to finish pressing, you can get your canvas ready to go. Decide if you want to paint the canvas a base color or even an abstract pattern or design. Alternatively, you can choose to leave it blank. Just be sure it is clean and ready for adding flowers.

Step 4: Attach Flowers

Pressed Flowers Canvas

When you’re ready, remove the flowers from the press or book pages and apply them to the canvas. To do this, just apply a thick layer of mod podge onto the canvas where you want the flower to go. Hold the flower in place for a minute until the mod podge sets. Then do the same for the rest of the flowers and petals. Allow it to dry before moving or hanging the canvas.

Step 5: Show Off Wall Art

Pressed flowers wall art

Once the flowers are in place and secured to the canvas, hang it up on your wall and just enjoy your unique creation!