50 Thoughtful Gift Ideas For A Special Mother’s Day

We shouldn’t need a special day to let our mothers know how much we love them but it’s definitely great that Mother’s Day exists. So what are your plans for this year? Getting your mom a last-minute present from a store close to her house doesn’t really show her the appreciation she deserves. So how about something handmade, something that’s unique and special just like her? Browse through these 50 DIY Mother’s Day gifts and find the one that your mom will enjoy most.

Embroidery design can make a lovely Mother's Day gift

A cute embroidery design can make a lovely Mother’s Day gift. The nice thing about this project is that anyone can do it, even kids. The required materials include an embroidery hoop, a piece of cotton cloth, a printer, some butcher or freezer paper, scissors and embroidery floss. Figure out the message or the image you want to put on your gift. Print it out and use it as a sort of stencil. You can also just freehand the design if you want. {found on fairgoods}.

embossed container using a glass jar

Perhaps your mom would like a new vase or some custom storage jars for the kitchen or pantry. You could make an embossed container using a glass jar, a sharpie, puffy paint and spray paint. Wash the jar and draw the desired design on it. Then outline it with puffy paint and let it dry. Spray paint the jar and that’s about it. The project is described on craftberrybush.

DIY hanging planter

Another great gift for a plant-loving mom can be a mini hanging herb garden she can add to her kitchen. Here’s the interesting part: you can use gutters to make the planters. Make three planters and drill some holes in them so you can later hang them with rope or cord. You can paint the planters, draw on them and add labels. {found on placeofmytaste}.

Small copper planter stand

In addition to some cute custom pots you can also make a pot holder out of some copper pipes. The project is easier than you think. The supplies needed include copper pipe, copper tees, elbows and caps, a pipe cutter, some epoxy and the plant pots you plan on using. The project is described in detail on puresweetjoy.

DIY herb garden starter kit

Give your mom everything she needs to start hew own herb garden and let her customize it however she wants. Here’s what you’ll need: air-dry clay, a rolling pin, a knife and letter stamps for the plant markers and a wood box and leather strap for the planter. This idea comes from Themerrythought as you can check it out for more suggestions.

Sweet crochet hanging planter

Succulent pots are really cute and little and perfect gifts for Mother’s Day. You can make them even more eye-catching by giving them each and cute cozy. You’ll need some yarn, a crochet hook, a tapestry needle and small succulent pots. Follow the instructions provided on Vickiehowell and feel free to adapt the design to the size and shape of the pots you’ve selected.

Framed geometric design

Another cute idea can be to make some custom artwork that she can display in her home. You can check out the idea of Ludorn for some inspiration or come up with something different. To get the design featured there you’ll need colored paper, scissors and glue. Take a square piece of paper, cut it in four smaller squares and then cut each of those in four triangles. Then combine several triangles of different colors and arrange them in the shape of a heart. You can glue them to a white sheet of paper and then frame the whole thing.

DIY mothers day custom print

Crafting a gift for Mother’s Day shouldn’t be too difficult. After all, it has to be enjoyable for both you and your mother so only happy memories are linked to it. Consider working with custom prints and making some colorful artwork. Tellloveandparty offers a few interesting ideas. You can use your phone to take a picture of some colorful objects, add some text and then print the whole thing.

DIY Vanity Trays

You can also use colored paper or scrapbook paper to decorate a cute little tray in which your mom can keep things like her favorite jewelry, nail polish, perfume and other small things. Have a look at the tutorial provided on Femmefraiche. The materials needed are a plastic hexagonal tray, some scrapbook paper, scissors, a pencil, metal gold paint, mod podge and foam paint brushes.

Mothers day wooden spoons

Give your mother something she can use every day like some wooden spoons for the kitchen. But simply buying the spoons and putting them in a gift bag isn’t really thoughtful. Perhaps you’d enjoy customizing the spoons using a soldering iron. Take some time to come up with a few patterns you could use and then start burning them into the spoons. Need some inspiration? Have a look at the project on Threadbarecloak.

Paint dipped wooden utensils

Another idea you can use if you want to make customized wooden utensils is to paint them. You’d actually only be painting the handles so make sure you have some masking tape you can use. Paint each handle and let them all dry. You can use a different color for each spoon or a single color to make them look like a set. {found on bespoke-bride}.

Color dipped kitchen utensils

You can also find an inspiring project on Peoniesandpears. As you can see, this set of wooden kitchen utensils was beautifully customized using acrylic paint. The pastel colors are really nice. It would be a wise idea to seal the paint with some mod podge and to also give the spoons a glossy look.

Stained bamboo utensil holder

If you plan on getting your mother a set of wooden utensils, these usually come in a wooden container. So instead of painting the handles of the spoons you can decorate this container. Use tape to make an interesting design and then apply your paint. Remove the tape and let the paint dry. To get the design on Dreamalittlebigger you’ll need wavy tape.

Colorful cutting board design

A custom cutting board can also be a thoughtful gift your mom would definitely enjoy. You can learn how to customize one by following the instructions on Thecraftables. You’ll require a plain wooden chopping board, paint in four different colors, liquid varnish, a non-toxic permanent black marker and a paintbrush.

Mothers day utensil organizer

Assuming you’ve already given your mom a set of custom wooden spoons or that she already has everything she needs, perhaps she could use an organizer for all these things. You can make her one out of a vintage wooden box. You’ll also need a wooden dowel, two small pieces of wood to use as dividers, some paint, copper pipe brackets, screws and shelf liner. Find out more on Abeautifulmess

Wall mounted cutting board

Another nice Mother’s Day gift idea for the kitchen is offered on Redoityourselfinspirations. As you can see, this is a sort of wall-mounted storage thing made from a wood cutting board. In addition to the cutting board you’ll also need a wooden bowl, glue and finishing nails if you want to make something different. Basically you just cut the bowl in half and you glue the pieces to the cutting board. Then you secure them with nails.

Wood Burned Cutting Board

Perhaps your mom would love a custom cutting board with some engraving on it. You can customize it with an inspirational quote or with a message that lets her know how much you love her. To get the look featured on Nearlycrafty you’ll need an unfinished wood cutting board, a wood burner, a printed quote or message, painter’s tape, liquid gold leaf, off white paint, a paint brush and ribbon.

Ombre strawberry succulent planter

If your mom likes plants and flowers, maybe she’d love a custom pot for succulents, just like the one on Whatsurhomestory. The project starts with a strawberry pot. Get some spray paints and give it a nice makeover. You can mix several colors and make an ombre design. Then start planting in the openings and add some cute decorations at the top.

Washi tape clothes pins

Another practical and useful gift moms would appreciate can be a set of wooden clothespins customized with washi tape. Consider this idea if you think your mom’s clothespin collection could use an update. The project is really simple and really cute. Basically you just take some colored washi tape and you use it to cover the sides of the clothespins. {found on whitehousecrafts}.

Custom water tote bag

Remind your mom how important it is to stay hydrated with a custom water tote that lets her carry a bottle everywhere she goes. It can also include a small pocket for cash, her phone or other small things. To make this cute tote you’ll need some fabric, a ruler, a pencil, scissors, an iron, hem tape, eyelets, a hammer and suede lace. You’ll find all the instructions you need on Brit.

DIY mini trinket boxes

For the chic mom, make a stylish storage box where she can keep her jewelry. The trinket box featured on Thecasualcraftlete looks really nice. You can make some similar out of a mini paper mache box and using a clear glass knob, paint and paintbrushes. Paint the box and the lid. You can make a design using a stencil or just freehand something. Then add the knob to the center of the lid.

Painted wood containers

The colorful containers featured on Tellloveandparty are also pretty easy to make and they could be a really nice Mother’s Day gift idea. The project starts with some wood containers with geometric shapes, some acrylic paints and tape. Tape off sections of the container to obtain the design you want. Apply paint and mix and match various colors for an interesting effect.

Ombré Fringe Wall Clock

Maybe a wall clock would be something your mom would find useful and beautiful. You could make her a fringe clock with an ombre design just like the one on Akailochiclife. You’ll need felt in different shades of blue (or some other color), a wood round, hot glue, a clock kit, gold spray paint, scissors, screws and wall-mounting hardware.

embroidery hoop art

Embroidery hoops can be used in a lot of fun and interesting ways when it comes to DIY projects. One option is featured on Creativelive. Here you’ll find out how to make an embroidery hoop painting which you can offer as a gift for Mother’s Day. You’ll need two embroidery hoops, canvas, scissors, acrylic paints and two foam brushes. Stretch the canvas into the hoop and then prime it with white paint. Once it’s dry, add the colors.

Simple Spring Frame

A small piece of plywood, some paint in different colors, stencil letters and four pieces of wood are all you need for the project featured on Beckhamandbelle. The plywood and the wood pieces will become the frame. Put them together with wood glue and then paint them. After that you can use the letter stencil to add the finishing touches.

Concrete vases from tin cans

The concrete containers featured on Lovecreatecelebrate can be used as pencil holders, makeup brushes or even as vases. They can be customized in a lot of beautiful ways and they can make really nice gifts. To make them you’ll need tin cans, plastic containers smaller than the cans, a drill, screws, concrete mix, a dremel, pliers, clear gloss spray paint and paint. Follow the tutorial instructions for best results.

DIY Polka Dot Plates

If you want to make something simple, check out the custom plates on Akailochiclife. You can make something similar and all you’d need is some plain white ceramic plates or dishes, ceramic paint pens and an oven. After you paint your colored polka dots on the dishes or whatever other design you have in mind, seal them in the oven.

Neon painted geometric candle hlders

Not everyone likes decorative candles, candle holders and other similar things. If your mother does enjoy these things, then check out the project idea offered on Acharmingproject. These neon-painted geometric candle holders are pretty easy to make. You’d have to start with some geometric candle holders and some tea light candles. Use tape and craft paint to customize them with the desired design.

DIY air plant pots

Air plants are cute and easy to care for. They’re also very versatile and they make lovely gifts. So consider offering your mom some cute little air plant pots for Mother’s Day. You’d have to be ingenious and to look for inspiration in unusual places. The project described on Almostmakesperfect can show you what we mean by that. The pots featured here were made out of wooden doll heads. You can dip them in pain or stain then to get that beautiful ombre look.

Wood + Leather Basket TUTORIAL

Does your mom have a hobby like knitting or crocheting? If so you could offer her a beautiful storage basket where she can keep everything and which she can carry around easily. All you’d need is a wooden box, two leather straps, upholstery tacks, a hammer and some paint. Paint the box and then prepare the leather straps. Attach them to the box and that’s pretty much it. {found on deliacreates}.

Garland from old books

If you want you could also offer your mother something she can use to decorate the house for this special occasion. For example, make a heart garland. You can use pages from an old book (perhaps one that she loves). Cut the pages into strips and glue two together to form a heart shape. Then string them onto some twine. You can find out more about this on Twelveonmain.

Tic tac toe tote bag

Here’s a fun idea for a fun mom: a tic tac toe bag. Basically it’s just a simple cloth bag customized with some colored felt and snaps. Use felt in two contrasting colors and cut it into circles and x symbols. Attach them to the bag with snaps and make a grid with a black marker. This interesting idea comes from journeycreativity.

string wall art you can do it yourself

String art can also be a nice option if you want make something that lasts and that your mother can admire for a long time. To make a monogram decoration using this technique you’ll need a wood board, a hammer, finishing nails and string. Print out the letter on paper and center it onto the board. Secure it with nails. You can then remove the paper and start wrapping string around the nails in a random pattern until you’re happy with the result. {found on freshcrush}.

DIY Mini Framed Weaving

It can also be interesting to offer your mother some framed weaving as a gift. You’ll need a lap loom, cotton yarn, a darning needle, scissors, a tapestry needle, a picture frame, white craft paper, mod podge, a foam brush and tape. Be sure to have a look at the description provided on Aprettyfix for more detailed instructions.

cards holder

The tiny picture holders featured on Welovehandmade are really easy to make and they’re also very cute. If you plan to make something similar for Mother’s Day then you’ll need concrete mix, a silicone mold or ice tray with cute shapes such as hearts and some wire. Mix the concrete and put it into the molds. Add a piece of wire in each one and let it dry. Then remove the little hearts, sand them if needed and bend the wire to make a loop that will hold the photo/ card.

scent candle

If you know your mom likes scented candles or if you think she might enjoy receiving some as a gift, consider the idea suggested on Recreationaldecorator. Go buy some candles and make a custom storage container for matches. You can use a soup can for that. Decorate it with patterned paper and spray paint the interior.

DIY gold bars acrylic tray

Trays are useful and practical in a lot of situation so you can’t really go wrong with such a gift. Check out the chic design featured on Lovelyindeed. To make a tray that looks just like that you’ll need a square acrylic sheet, drawer pulls, a drill, screws and gold spray paint. Spray paint the drawer pulls and attach them to the acrylic sheet with screws.

Chevron wallpaper tray

On Hungryheart you’ll find a description of a tray makeover in case you want to refresh an old tray that your mother already has. Here’s how the project goes: you need an old tray, sandpaper, patterned paper, a hot glue gun and varnish. Sand the tray to remove the old paint and varnish. Then cut paper and use it to cover the bottom of the tray. Glue it in place. Then add a coat of varnish on top to seal it.

Copper pipe desk accessories

A nice gift that your mom could use when she’s working or sitting at her desk is a customized pencil holder. You can make one out of copper pipes. You’ll need a pipe cutter, cork coasters, a hot glue gun and steel wool. Cut the copper pipe and make several pieces of different sizes. Clean them with steel wool and then arrange them all together. You can also spray paint them if you want. Glue them together and then position them on a cork coaster. Cut around the edges glue the pieces together. {found on thecraftygentleman}.

DIY book stand display

Something else that your mom could use on her desk or pretty much anywhere in the house is a book stand. To make one that’s simple as well as stylish, follow the instructions provided on Hometreeatlas. The materials needed include a saw, plywood, a ruler, wood glue, clamps and polyurethane. First you need to measure the books and then to cut the plywood strips. Glue them together clamp them and sand them. Then stain them.

Leather magazine holder

We usually want to offer our mothers something they can use, something that they need. This usually leaves us without any good ideas. The problem is that we ignore the little things. For example, does your mother have a magazine rack? Probably not so why not give her one that you made yourself? The project is really simple and all you need for it is some leather straps, a hammer, nails and a hole punch. Check out Burkatron for more details.

Asparagus Flower Vase

Since it’s still spring outside and we’re all excited about that, you could make something fresh that shows this enthusiasm. An interesting suggestion would be an asparagus vase. It may sound strange but it’s really simple to make and also quite fitting. The main idea is to take some asparagus and use it to cover a coffee can or some other cylindrical container. Use ribbon to secure the whole design. Our source of inspiration for this project was Turniptheoven.

Twine vases

If you enjoy the idea of a custom vase, then perhaps you’d like the project featured on Thecraftaholicwitch. This chic and a little bit rustic vases were made using glass jars and bottles, twine and craft glue. So just take a jar or a bottle and start wrapping twine around it starting from the top. Secure with glue as you go and wrap it all the way around until you reach the bottom. Cut off the excess.

Gold Polka Dot DIY Vase

Of course, it’s possible to prefer something simpler and a bit more modern in which case the project on Linesacross would be more suitable. The polka dot vase featured here is really chic and beautiful. You can make one just like it for Mother’s Day. You’ll require a round glass vase, liquid gold paint, q-tips, graph paper, washi tape, a marker and scissors. You’ll have to create a guide so you can get the pattern right. Use graph paper for this part.

Sptin basket

Mother’s Day and Easter are pretty close together and you can take advantage of that. For example, you can offer your mom a beautiful basket filled with grass and other things . Here’s what you’ll need: a package of grass, a basket, a plastic bag, soil and moss. Line the basket with plastic and fill it with soil. Trim the plastic and add the grass seeds. Cover the sides of the basket with moss. Find out more about this on Theartofdoingstuff.

Jewelry and trinket dishes

Even if your mom doesn’t have a large jewelry collection and doesn’t like trinkets, she could still use a jewelry dish for the basics like a pair of earrings, a watch, etc. you can make her something chic using a plain white ceramic plate and some paint. Feel free to pick any design you want. It can be geometric pattern or something completely different. Just use your imagination. {found on oleanderandpalm}.

Jewelry holder

A tiered jewelry holder can be an even better option. Two saucers, a shot glass, some adhesive and spray paint are the materials needed to make a jewelry holder similar to the one on Adventuresofcreativegirl. Spray paint everything and then glue them together. You can also use silver leaf if you want, although this is completely optional.

DIY marble clock

Doesn’t the marble clock featured on Puresweetjoy look stylish? It doesn’t really look like a DIY project but it is. Make a similar one using some marble patterned vinyl, a clock mechanism and a thin piece of wood with a hexagonal shape. Cover the wood with the marbled vinyl and then add the clock mechanism.

Marble photo holder

And speaking of marble, you should also check out the photo holders featured on Burkatron. They were made out of air dry clay (white and black). A craft knife, a rolling pin and a round cookie cutter are also needed. Roll out a ball of white clay and add a few small pieces of black clay. Fold it and wrap it and roll it out again. Cut it with the cookie cutter and then make a slit at the center. Bake it.

Hanging planter from an old t shirt

A little bit of creativity is all you need to come up with unique and interesting ideas such as the T-shirt hanging planter featured on Abeautifulmess. In fact, this could be a nice gift for someone. To make this you’ll need jersey fabric, scissors, a measuring tape, beads, a plant in a round pot and a hook. Tie the fabric into strips and tie them all together at the top. Then follow the instructions to finish the project.

Hanging love print

Frame your love. By that we mean you should make a wall decoration out of a piece of wood, adhesive strips, sequin cord, pom-poms and a printed image. You can find the full list of needed supplies as well as the instructions on Minted. Feel free to pick any image or message you want.

DIY photo ornaments

A lovely gift for Mother’s Day can be a set of photos that your mother can cherish for years to come. To make these a bit more interesting, have a look at the ideas on Minted. You can decorate the photos with tiny pom-poms, colored tape, fabric, ribbon and other things. Make a small gallery.

Mothers day gift tag

No matter what you decide to give your mom this year remember to put a tag on it. It’s often the little details that count the most. You can add a custom tag to just about anything. Personalize it with a nice message and some beautiful colors. You can print it on cardboard and decorate it with washi tape and other things. Find some inspiration on Handmadeintheheartland.