Dinner Plate from Le Creuset

When I go to the restaurant I like to try new things and new tastes. But I must admit the exterior design is very much important, too, when it comes to the opinion I make when looking at a certain food. And experienced chefs know that. That is why the best restaurants focus on both fields: the quality of the food cooked and the design of the displayed food. So I guess one of the most important things here is the way the dishes look. A nice looking plate will draw attention on the food it has on and will focus your eyes on the exterior.

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This Dinner Plate from Le Creuset is perfect to illustrate my words. It is made of stoneware and has a colourful and durable exterior. The design is pretty simple, but delicate with three concentric circles on the edge of the plate and a unique colour on the whole plate. The enamel on the outside protects it from scratches or other marks. The plate is manufactured using very high temperatures and this allows it to be thermal resistant, so it is perfectly safe to use it in the freezer, but also in the microwave oven, broiler and dishwasher. There are more available colours and you can now purchase this item for just $20.