Gorgeous Dining Room Curtain Ideas for Every Style

Every room should have an element of the dramatic, and curtains are a great candidate to add this kind of touch. Dining room curtain designs give you the chance to try something unique and fresh in your space.

dining room curtains
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Curtains in the dining room create a more finished and cozy look. They also give you the ability to better control the amount of light coming into the room if you want to set the mood for that romantic dinner or open them wide for a brunch with family and friends.

Gorgeous Dining Room Curtain Ideas
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Whatever you need, dining room curtains can help beautify as well as make the room more functional.

Dining Room Curtain Types

Dining Room Curtain Types
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When considering what type of dining room curtains you need, it is important to think about how you use your dining room.

  • Panel curtains – This is a type of curtain that is a straight piece of fabric that hangs on the left or right of the window. These types of curtains come in pairs and have different styles of headers, for example using something like pleats or grommets. Different panel styles are left hanging or pulled back to create a draped look.
  • Window scarves or swags – This type of curtain drapes around the top of the window to add interest to the window. These are more decorative than functional.
  • Valance – This kind of curtain is a short piece of fabric that hangs over the top of the window to cover other window hardware like rods. You can gather a valance  for a casual look or pleat it for a more formal look.
  • Cornice – This is a box-like structure that covers the top of the window. People cover these in fabric or paint them to complement the accompanying window treatments.
  • Shades – These are not curtains in a technical sense but rather window treatments. This is a soft fabric panel that is fitted inside the window frame. It is attached at the top of the window and is drawn up and down with an attached cord or roller. Shades styles are both fancy and plain. Balloon shades with pleats have a formal look while Roman shades are simple and spare.

Dining Room Curtain Design Inspiration

Dining rooms are luxurious spaces where we can enjoy time with our friends and family over a common meal. Curtains provide the finishing touches in this room that is full of possibility. We have gathered some of the best dining room curtain ideas out there for your consideration.

Here comes the sun

Here comes the sun
House & Home

Inject a little bit of your brilliant personality into the dining room with a set of bright colored curtains. The design and colors of this dining room are simple but elegant.

The yellow curtains are spare in style, but they provide a focal point that creates a dramatic sense of presence. Further, notice how the curtains hang above the curved transom surmounting the difficulty of this complicated window design.

Dark and moody curtains for contrast

Dark and moody curtains for contrast
The Styled Home

This dining space features stark and contrasting colors. These elegant dining room curtains provide the counterbalance to a room that is full of light.

Dark colors, like the deep gray featured here, mixed with the glimmer of gold fixtures is effective. Also, the curtain panels are pushed to each side rather than separated by window for a more seamless look.

Sheer by design

Sheer by design
Kaleidoscope Living

If you need more privacy or dislike the view from your dining room, consider using sheer curtains across the windows. Kaleidoscope Living used this strategy in this dining room remodel.

If you like this idea, use solid curtain panels on the side paired with sheer curtains in the middle. The white curtains balance the look of the jeweled navy blue walls.

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Curtains that blend

Curtains that blend
Halfway Wholistic

These dining room/kitchen curtains are a slightly darker hue than the walls of the room. The walls, the dining chairs, and the molding are all light neutrals presenting a serene and tranquil atmosphere.

These curtains do not draw attention to themselves; rather they are pulled back from the window so that the room is filled with light.

Colorful roman shades

Colorful roman shades
Making Spaces

You would think that the combinations of all these bold colors would be a disaster, but this small dining room/sitting room presents a uniquely cohesive look. The patterned Roman shades add instant sophistication to the windows.

Romans shades are one of the best small dining room curtain ideas that we know because the tailored look does not crowd the space.

Simple modern luxury

Simple modern luxury
Coco Kelley

We love these modern dining room curtains in this sophisticated room. The sheer curtains cover the window to add privacy and still allow filtered light into the room.

The gilded mirror provides the singular wall decoration and reflects the light from the windows and echoes the tone of the gold chandelier.

Dining in style

Dining in style
Stephanie Krauss Designs

Most dining room curtain ideas do not include the use of a cornice, at least not in the contemporary era. However, this was a look that is popular in historic styles which we have seen making a comeback in traditional spaces.

We love how the soft furnishings like the pillows and rug echo the bold colors of the curtains and cornices. Together, this room creates a modern statement that is as inviting as it is unexpected.

Formal dining room curtains

Formal dining room curtains
Luxe Interiors + Design

These navy toile patterned curtains are the height of elegance and style. The pattern is formal but not stuffy; rather, the details of the design and the fringed sheers looks fresh and contemporary.

This style of curtain would look as at home in a country cottage as in an elegant Mayfair dining room. If you like this look, choose curtains with simple prints and pull them back so that they drape in a pleasing way.

Farmhouse dining room curtains

Farmhouse dining room curtains
Love Grows Wild

If you can’t decide between blinds or curtains, why not opt for both? This farmhouse-style dining room utilizes this method by combining the convenience of seagrass shades with the beauty of curtains.

Notice how the texture of the shades echoes the display of wall hangings and the rug. This layering of texture creates warmth and a rich atmosphere.

Contemporary patterned curtains

Contemporary patterned curtains
Liz Caan & Co.

This room is full of striking tones and texture. The contrast in these black and white curtains lends a dramatic and on-trend look for this room. Further, the light walls counterbalance the darker floor with pops of color provided by the dining chairs.

Contrasting designs together

Contrasting designs together
Alex Papachristidis

We love the way that these window treatments offer a contrast of style. Although each window mirrors the other, the designer chose different patterned curtains for each. This creates a custom look and gives the owners more ability to control the light within the room.

Contrasting colors

Contrasting colors
The Identite

These earth-toned curtains introduce a new color idea into this dining room and bridge and gap between the ceiling and the floors. Notice how the designer has hung these curtains to the top of the molding in order to draw the eye upward.

The introduction of a new color works well in many settings but functions best when the colors of the room are neutral in tone.

From the heights

From the heights
Homes to Love AU

If you need to separate a dining room from another area, curtains are a great place to start. Hang curtains between rooms to create a visual distinction.

The owners have gathered these curtains on the edges of the doors between the dining room and the patio spaces. This keeps access between the room open but gives the owners the ability to still have an intimate dining space.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)FAQ

Should you have curtains in the dining room?

Curtains are the finishing touch for any room and make it feel more complete. Further, curtains in the dining room help to control the light and give you more privacy for those romantic date nights and dinners with friends.

How should I choose curtains for the dining room?

First, begin a search online to see what kind of curtains that attract you. Next, decide what type fits your lifestyle and needs. Once you have narrowed this down, type a specific phrase into the main menu in order to presort the curtains that will populate. This will narrow the style choices and make it easier to decide what you need.

How can I separate the living room and dining room with curtains?

Separating rooms with curtains works well if there is a doorway or small opening that connects the areas. Hang a rod over the door and hang the curtain on either side. This gives the room a more dramatic look and allows you to section off the rooms without resorting to a construction project.

Should the dining room and living room curtains match?

Curtains are a personal choice so you should never feel like you have to follow an esoteric design guideline. However, if your dining room and living room are visible from one another, the curtains for each room should complement one another. If you cannot see these rooms together from any part of your house, you can be more free to try something different in each room.

How long should dining room curtains be?

This depends on how you use your dining room and what look you want to create. If you want a dramatic and formal look in your space, curtains to the floor are a great place to start. However, if you have small children and want a more casual look, shorter curtains or shades work well too.

Where can I buy dining room curtains?

You can buy curtains for dining rooms in many stores both online and in person. A less expensive online store is Wayfair LLC. You will find curtains of many styles and qualities. If you want something more custom, look at Smith and Noble. They create drapes and shades for your specifications. The convenience of online shopping is that they will ship the products straight to your door. The drawback is that you can’t see them for yourself before you buy them. Be sure to read all the reviews that you can.

Dining Room Cortains: Conclusion

Curtains are a wonderful addition to any space, and the dining room is no exception. Curtains don’t have to be fussy and pretentious; rather, they are there to support the function and beauty of the room.

After all, we all need help to beautify our space in the most effective way. Curtains are the final touch that takes the look of the dining room from adequate to amazing.