Diesel Turntable Bedding

Here is a bed accompanied by sheets with photographic prints in black and white. This is a new creation of the designer of Diesel, the Turntable Bedding.The pillows and bed sheets feature images of turntables with decks, equalizers, cords and knobs. Diesel Turntable Bedding is part of their Diesel Lifestyle Home Textile Collection. So if you are a DJ or you simply love turntables and the way music used to be played not long ago, you might love this bedding design.

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It is out of the ordinary and unattractive to some, but some other people might find it really appealing. It does have a message and it does look out-of-the ordinary with the black and white print on.The design is very well done and you could think all the wires and plates are for real for a second. Just place it in a room with a sound proof head rest and a microphone looking bed side lamp and you will have your own private heaven for a DJ.