Creative and Engaging Designs Featuring Pallet Shelves

The list of things one can make using a simple wooden pallet it getting bigger everyday. Shelves are among the most versatile and simple projects and at the top of everyone’s list. And in case you were wondering, there are tons of different ways in which you can make a shelf from a pallet. We’ve gathered the following examples to showcase the variety of pallet shelves you could be building yourself as your next DIY project.

Easy way to hang a pallet

This is one of the simplest projects you can ever find. All you have to do is add a few pieces of wood to make the platforms on which the vases and everything else will be sitting. The rest of the pallet stays intact.{found on domesticdoozie}.


Similarly, you have to make just a few little changes to get this project done. Remove a few pieces, reorient others and that’s about it. At the end you’ll have a rustic shelf for your wall and a place to display photos.


The pallet itself can be the main attraction. The items you display on its shelves are merely ornaments for the pallet. This works out great in a rustic décor.


Another simple idea is to carefully cut the pallet in smaller sections and mount those on the wall where they can serve as shelves. You can store books inside the compartments and display decorations on top.


Obviously, you can also take things a step further and dismantle the pallet and use the pieces in a different configuration. For example, make a set of simple shelves like these ones for the living room.


You don’t have to use all the pieces if you don’t want to. Make small shelves that fit in the space you have available, such as in the area above the toilet, in the bathroom so you can add a bit of character to the space.


All you have to do in order to make these bookshelves is cut a pallet and then sand and paint the shelves as desired. The method is quick and simple and you can put these bookshelves anywhere you want.{found on meandmadeline}.


This is a really great project if you want to put some shelves in the kids’ room so they can organize and store their books, magazines and drawings. It’s not complicated at all and you can paint the shelves an attractive color.


This is basically the same project but, in this case, the shelves are not used for storing books. Instead, they’re similar to a fireplace mantel and used to display seasonal decorations, framed images and photos.


If you’re looking for a simple way to display your small book collection, there’s no need to go search for the perfect design in stores. You can make it yourself using nothing more than a wooden pallet. Personalize it however you want with your choice of paint or stain.


Don’t have books to display? Maybe you have a collection of DVDs, in which case building a shelf storage unit for them from a pallet is just as easy. Just remember to measure twice before you cut anything.

Play with diff siezes

Wooden pallets are also great for making small home bars. You can basically just mount the pallet on the wall without making any big changes to its structure and use the shelves to store your bottles and glasses.

Play with diff siezes

There’s also the possibility to reduce the size of the bar and to outfit it with a glass rack and a few themed decorations. This can be a rustic way of displaying your wine collection without a lot of fuss or effort.{found on etsy}.


Take the pallet in the kitchen where you can turn it into a practical accessory. The shelves can be used to store and organize spices, bottles and jars.


This is a set of pallet shelves designed for the kitchen. The bottom shelf is for spices and the top one is for bottles. You can organize everything however you want and make the rack as big as you need to.


There are tons of great ways in which you can use this type of pallet shelves. There’s at least one way in which they can be useful in each room of the house. Plus, they’re also suitable for other types of spaces as well.

Play with diff siezes

The entry hallway is no exception. In here, the pallet shelf can be outfitted with hooks or knobs and it can double as a coat rack or a place to organize your scarves and hats.{found on momitforward}.


Think about adding some hooks to the pallet shelves if you’re placing them close to the entrance. This way you’ll be able to hang your keys, hat or scarf there as you go out or come in. you’ll always know where to find these things.


The best thing about pallet shelves is that they can keep the beauty of the wood intact if you decide to preserve the distressed finish. If you’re making small shelves, pick the best-looking wood boards.

Play with diff siezes

This is a different idea which basically goes in the same direction. The shelves can hold vases and planters and you can turn the pallet into a beautiful indoor garden.


Most designs are really versatile and can be just as useful in the kitchen as they are in other rooms of the house such as the bathroom for example. The towel rack is a really great feature.


Whether you mount the pallet on the wall or let it lean against a wall, put it on the counter or anywhere else it really doesn’t matter. It will be just as practical and easy to use either way.


Perhaps you’d also like to add one of these versatile pallet shelves to your home office. You can use it to organize your documents, magazines, books, calendars or desk supplies.

Play with diff siezes

In the case of the dining room, for example, you can mount a wooden pallet on one of the walls and use it as a display space for decorative plates, vases, framed photos and other similar things.


You can also take the pallet outdoors and use it to make a grill shelf on which to keep your spices and herbs. Add a hook for towels and you’ll be glad you built this thing next time you’re having a barbecue.


Similarly, you can turn a couple of pallets into a bar or a console table for the porch or deck. If you want, you can also add castors so you can roll it around.


Play with different sizes, shapes and colors and come up with your own designs and ideas. There’s plenty of room for creativity, even after you’ve seen so many different examples.