Deltri Steam Shower Cabin and Tub

One day I was visiting my friends who live in a small apartment and have two small daughters. When I went to the bathroom I was amazed to see that there was a lot of space in there, even if the room was rather small. It was then that I noticed that they had a shower cabin with a small bathtub inside. That saved a lot of space and was very useful at the same time. The adults can shower and the children can bathe and play in the small bathtub that is almost half a meter high. I searched a similar item on the Internet, in the online shops and I found this amazing Deltri steam shower cabin and bathtub.

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This amazing shower cabin plus bathtub fits perfectly the right or the left corner of your bathroom and has all the advantages of a new technology: the shower cabin has many buttons and functions that allow you to use the water massage, steam and to also adjust the volume of water and its shape – either a powerful shower or a mild splash with water. Any way, I should also mention the fact that you can connect with your iPhone or iPod to the special plug in the cabin and also the fact that the product can be purchased for 849 British pounds.