Delicate Stiletto Chair by Magdalena Ekström

Women, the delicate expression of human kind become most of the times muses for the many of the artists. They impress through their beauty, mystery, intelligence or a little bit from all these features. Take for example Mona Lisa, Venus, Cleopatra or Helen. These classic examples demonstrate how important became women even from ancient times and how much they have influenced different events that affected our history.

Delicate Stiletto Chair by Magdalena EkströmView in gallery

The Stiletto Chair designed by Magdalena Ekström is also a creation that was inspired by the presence of women. Its delicate stature and the fragility of the material used are features that make you think of a beautiful and delicate lady. Actually the women’s asymmetrical sitting was intended to be expressed by the image of this chair.

Delicate Stiletto Chair by Magdalena EkströmView in gallery

Stiletto Chair is a combination of modernity and eco friendly features which make of it a real attractive chair. The stretched nylon net makes you think of a fragile wing of an insect or the delicate petal of a beautiful flower. It is a modern material which can be attached without non toxic glue and there is a quantity of less material that is needed than for a usual chair. The type of material used comes as an answer to the modern upholstered furniture.

Take a sit and enjoy the comfortable sitting offered by this delicate piece of furniture!