Decorate your stairway with a striped carpet

The stairway is a beautiful focal point by itself, an architectural detail that always stands out, regardless of the design or décor. But if you wish to make it stand out even more, then you could also add some pattern and texture to it. For example, a striped carpet would really allow it to display its beauty. Here are a few examples.

Colofrul striped staircase carpetView in gallery

This stairway is actually quite simple. It’s not exactly bright so it lacks that spark that makes it stand out. The wooden structure gives it that natural warmth and texture but the striped carpet brings out its true beauty. The earthy colors are rich but that very vibrant and they complement the stairs beautifully.

Traditional kitchen rugView in gallery

In this case, the stairway connects the open plan kitchen to the upper floor and this makes it a part of the décor. To allow it to integrate into this décor, neutral, bright colors were used. The striped carpet captures this aspect perfectly. It also adds a little contrast, just to make the stairs stand out more.

Striped white black stairs rugView in gallery

This contemporary staircase features a very interesting look. The bold wallpapered wall is already a focal point so the stairway had to continue that image but without creating an overwhelming combination of colors and patterns. The black and white striped carpet is a beautiful choice. It matches the stairs, complements them and allows them to stand out but in a subtle yet bold way.

Country stairsView in gallery

This traditional stairway features a neutral white background so there are no other elements to attract attention besides the design itself. The design details are elegant and beautiful but not strong enough to make the stairway stand out. It’s why the striped rug was such a great addition. It’s elegant and quite simple but features a beautiful contrast of colors.

Colofrul striped staircase carpet1View in gallery

In a contemporary home, a simple stairway can be turned into a beautiful focal point by a colorful carpet. In this case, for example, the combination of white and brown featured by the stairway was elegant but simple so the striped carpet was chosen to both complement those colors and to contrast with them.

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