10 Ways to Decorate Your Pergola

We’re beginning to feel it in the air and see it on the trees. Summer is coming. The time of being outdoors. When we spend our Saturday mornings weeding the garden and mowing the lawn before the sun gets too hot and then host parties on the patio once the stones cool off. At least those of us lucky enough to own a patio are hosting parties. We’re putting up a pergola on our patio this summer and I’ve discovered some gorgeous ways to make your pergola feel like home. Check out these 10 ways to decorate your pergola and suddenly, you’ll want to spend all your hours outside this summer.

Curtain clad pergolaView in gallery

Curtains! It’s amazing what a little indoor decor can do for your outdoor patio. Make sure you use weather friendly cloth and you’ll have a wonderful entertaining area that feels fancy without blowing your budget. (via Home Depot)

String lights pergolaView in gallery

Everybody has string lights on their pergolas… but that doesn’t make it a bad idea. String lights give your outdoor entertaining space some lovely soft lighting that will make it all the more inviting for you and your guests. (via Savvy Southern Style)

Wooden swing pergolaView in gallery

Are you thinking about seating for your pergola? I would suggest a swing. It will add to the other patio furniture you have and give you a cozy place to sit with your wine at the end of a long day. (via Ana White)

Hanging plants pergolaView in gallery

Feel free to make your pergola into a terrarium of sorts. You probably have potted plants on your patio already so add to the illusion by planting vines or even strawberries above your pergola. They’ll give you a nice shady spot to hang out away from the sun. (via Los Moderninh)

Pergola with sun blockView in gallery

Speaking of shady spots, install a removable awning onto your patio to keep you and your little ones protected on those sweltering summer days. Suddenly you can have a picnic for lunch instead of waiting until the sun is going down. (via Pergola Gazebos)

Chandelier pergolaView in gallery

Many people use the space under their pergolas as an outdoor dining room. If that sounds like your pergola, consider hanging a chandelier over your table. It will really help you achieve the alfresco dining experience. (via Decoholic)

Pergola with hammockView in gallery

For those who prefer a patio space that’s all about relaxing with a glass of lemonade and a good book, you’ll want to include a hammock. Use two sides of your pergola to install your hooks and then you can spend the rest of your summer weekends hanging around. (via Casa Tres Chic)

Box planters pergolaView in gallery

If your pergola is pretty much enclosed in a tiny back yard, go ahead and build some planters around your space. You can use them to grow herbs or succulents or whatever greenery you’d prefer. (via A Beautiful Mess)

Swing set pergolaView in gallery

Have you ever thought of upgrading your kid’s swing set with a pergola? Use a miniature one to hang their swings. You’ll find that it’s visually more appealing, plus you can fit more swings so no one has to share. (via Best Pergola Ideas)

Floral wedding pergolaView in gallery

When it comes to outdoor weddings, you have to include a pergola. Drape it in florals and it can serve as your alter for the ceremony or a photo booth for guests or even just a pretty spot to take your wedding portraits. (via Found)