Travel-Inspired Interior Decor Makes This London Flat Eclectic Perfection

A modern, eclectic renovation of an Edwardian home in West London has created an exuberant residence that celebrates travel. Inspired by the homeowners’ love of their time spent in Mykonos in Greece, Tulum in Mexico, and Copenhagen in Denmark, the walls became a canvas for the couple to convey their colorful lives.

Homeowner Eric Jafari from Birch hotel + hospitality group Edyn and his partner purchased the property in January 2021 during the pandemic. Knowing international architecture and design studio Red Deer from his professional activities, Jafari enlisted the firm to bring their vision for the home to life.

The three-story semi-detached house has five bedrooms and features an open-plan living space on the ground floor. Four bedrooms, including the master, are on the second floor while the fifth bedroom and a home gym are on the third floor.

Vacation Vibes

Living Room kitchen view 1024x683View in gallery

In many ways, the house is unrecognizable from its previous state despite the fact that in some spaces, the renovation used a very light touch and little structural change to achieve the desired result. Some rooms received a minor facelift while others had timeless style and could repurpose existing materials. In the end, the light-handed renovation made a huge impact and still managed to reduce unnecessary waste.

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Relaxed and comfortable, the main open living space is done in pale white hues with furniture that features natural materials and neutral colors. Danish cane-woven furniture adds special flair while Aztec geometric prints on the pillows accent the large leather sectional sofa.

While the bold teal fireplace is a focal point the raw kermes oak shelves add a rugged touch and yet another natural element. Throughout the home, the color palettes follow the existing lead lights, casting pale hues of teal, coral, and mustard in each of the spaces.

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Natural details like the woven sculpture and plants create an accent for the corner and bring in another travel vibe. 

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Chic Functionality

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The long galley kitchen has good natural light and ample counter space. Bold blue cabinetry echoes the fireplace hue and evokes a vision of water. Copper accents on the small appliances and the copper finish on the kitchen tools add a warm and bright metallic to the palette.

Modern Transformation

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Formerly a very traditional front reception room. this space was revamped into something much more contemporary with dark teal walls, cabinetry and even teal floorboards. Plush mid-century furnishings upholstered in mustard velvet brighten the space. 

Preserving Original Features

Front entryway 683x1024View in gallery

The entryway repeats the deep blue hue found throughout the main level, which highlights the pattern in the tiled floor. The front door features the leaded glass that can be found in the home, even in the interior transoms above the doorways. Other existing elements that add character to the home are the moldings and curved archways.

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Distinctive Bedroom Decor

Master bedroom 1024x683View in gallery

Upstairs, all the bedrooms were upgraded and feature the same color palette on the wall as well as gorgeous exposed floorboards.  The same Danish cane seating found in the living area is also in the bedroom and unique artwork distinguishes each bedroom. Even the rug and bedspread repeat the color palette. 

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One-of-a-Kind Bathroom Design

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This main bathroom was upgraded with a circular bath & shower — done in a fitting blue  — along with a marble sink that rivals the bath as a focal point. Pink floor tiles give the bathroom a slight vintage feel but also fit in with the soft color palette.

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Serene Color Palettes

Third bedroom 683x1024View in gallery

Soft and serene, the other bedrooms follow the color scheme and look totally fresh. Modern abstract carpet designs add an unexpected element without complicating the overall design of the room’s decor.

Small Bathroom Drama

Small bathroom 683x1024View in gallery

Red Deer is renowned for its attention to detail and it shows in how they reimagined the bathrooms, including this WC. It features dark red painted walls and brass hardware paired with a marble backsplash. This is a great example of how to achieve big drama in a small space that needs, above all, to be very functional.

Top Floor Workout Space

Attic workout space 683x1024View in gallery

On the top floor, the home gym takes advantage of the exposed brick for an industrial feel and the remaining walls and ceiling are clad in plywood to add warmth and brightness to the space.  A large mirror at one end reflects even more light while providing a place to check workout form. 

Outdoor Flair

Room with sklylight 683x1024View in gallery

Downstairs, this skylighted room is a fitting transition between indoors and out. Even in gray and typically rainy weather, the residents can get a dose of the outdoors by spending time in the glassed-in space. It’s also a marvelous room for entertaining, especially with the expertly styled wall shelving that also serves as a bar.

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Patio furniture 683x1024View in gallery

The living room doors can be fully opened out to the garden, which was made to feel more intimate with a covered patio outfitted with cane furniture and a neutral outdoor rug. The homeowners also had a plant wall installed that is reminiscent of one in the Mykonos villas in which the couple spent time. This also brings some greenery closer to the windows.

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Transforming a traditional space into one that is more contemporary can be a challenge and involve a lot of construction. This particular West London renovation shows how it is possible to do that without a major overhaul and at the same time, reflect the homeowners’ personalities and create a very artful space.