How To Decorate Your Home Using Yellow

Yellow is a happy, cheery color able to brighten up any room. And if you’re worried that it might be just a bit too bold for your home, all you need to know is that there are numerous different shades of yellow and they each have their own character.

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Depending on the amount of red or blue it contains, yellow can be warm and welcoming or cold and a bit distant. Yellows with a red undertone are more suitable for the walls or for large pieces of furniture. The ones with a blue undertone are best used on small accent pieces and accessories.

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Bright yellows should be reserved for social areas where there’s always a dynamic mood. They should stay out of bedrooms and even home offices because they disrupt sleep and concentration. This explains why yellow is a difficult color not everyone gets right.

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A perfect place for yellow accents is the kitchen. There are various different ways to work with this color in this case. For example, a bold kitchen can feature yellow cabinetry combined with white walls. Another possibility is to opt for a yellow backsplash and even for matching floor tiles.

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Yellow walls can really cheer up a kitchen, especially if it contains a sunny breakfast nook. But even though yellow is bright, some tones can actually make the room seem darker and not as inviting as it could be.

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In the living room, the possibilities are numerous. Yellow curtains are an interesting option as there are lots of great ways in which they can complement the rest of the room.

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If painting the walls yellow doesn’t seem like a very attractive idea, then perhaps some yellow wallpaper would be better. There are lots of patterns and designs that would make this color look beautiful.

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A yellow area rug can make a space stand out and this feature can be used in open floor plans as a means to visually define the dining area or the seating area.

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Of course, there’s also yellow furniture to take into consideration. A vibrant yellow sofa can be the focal point of the living room or you can opt for a chic yellow armchair as an accent piece for the reading corner.

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Even though we mentioned yellow is not exactly a great color option for bedrooms, this doesn’t mean there’s no way you can use this beautiful color here. In fact, yellow can also be a neutral. We’re talking about buttery yellows which can look great just about anywhere.

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But if you prefer a more vibrant tone, you can have that too. Just try not to place your yellow elements in front of the bed or in areas where they’re likely to disrupt your sleep. Perhaps you can wallpaper the wall behind the bed.

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There are numerous other creative ways in which you can integrate your favorite shades of yellow into your home’s décor. Whether you want it to look classy, modern, vintage, elegant or casual, yellow is a color you can count on.