Decorate Doors With Washi Tape

Washi tape is an incredibly useful tool for DIY projects around the home. It’s so easy to use and comes in basically any color or pattern you can imagine. You can use it for an endless amount of projects, including this one. Here’s a really simple tutorial for how to use washi tape to add some dimension and interest to a plain door.

washi tape door

All you need for this DIY project is a door and some washi tape. You can use scissors to make sure the ends of each piece of tape are straight and even, but they aren’t absolutely necessary and you don’t need any additional supplies for this project. So not only is it incredibly simple but also one of the most inexpensive ways you can update a part of your home.

washi tape

Start by measuring the side of one of the inlays or details of your door. Then cut or tear a piece of washi tape that length and stick it just next to the inlay so that just a bit (about 1.5-2 cm) sticks out on both ends. Do this on all of the sides of the inlay. Then repeat for the rest of the door’s inlays. Then take a look at the finished product and cut any pieces of tape that stick out too far. That’s all there is to it!

washi tape on door
washi tape decorated door

This easy project not only adds color or pattern to your door, a piece that is so often overlooked in homes, but it also makes the unique details stand out even more and adds dimension. To add even more contrast, consider using a lighter washi tape on the outer part of the inlay and then use a darker one just inside of it. If you want to go more subtle, choose a patterned washi tape that has a background color similar to the color of your door.

washi tape door panel

If your door doesn’t have any built-in details like the one shown, you can even create the look of them yourself using washi tape. You would just have to measure each part beforehand to make sure they are even, then mark the corner of each rectangle with a pencil before adhering the tape to the door.

Alternatively, you could use washi tape to outline the door as a whole, add stripes or other patterns, or go around the molding of the doorway.