Don’t Be Afraid Incorporating Dark Walls Into Your Home Décor – Tips And Ideas

Dark walls can be very beautiful and elegant but people are often afraid to include such elements in their décor. Don’t be intimated by black. Dark walls can make wonders and they’re a wonderful choice even in the case of a small room where white is usually the main shade. There are lots of ways in which you can include dark walls in your home’s décor.

Black with pops of color.

Black furniture instead walls
Create strong contrasts by choosing the right accent colors

Black is an excellent background color. A dark wall makes artwork pop and stand out so break the monotony of the décor with some colorful accent details such as a colorful painting or colored furniture which you place against a black wall.

Black walls in small spaces.

Black furniture instead walls
Use lighter colored artwork on the walls to create a nice balance

Usually, interior decorators suggest using white on the walls in small rooms to make them seem more spacious and open. But black walls can look wonderful in small spaces too. For example, this bathroom may be small but it’s very stylish.

Black tiles create contemporary designs.

Black furniture instead walls
If you use black tiles on the walls, complement them with white furniture for contrast

In spaces such as the bathroom or the kitchen, it’s more practical to cover the walls and floor in tiles. If you don’t like the pattern tiles usually create on the wall, try using black and black filling in between. This way you’ll have a smooth and cohesive décor.

Black furniture instead walls
The black and white photos look fantastic on the black wall – a super easy way to add an elegant touch

A black accent wall can even look gorgeous in the bedroom. In fact, dark colors are often preferred here because they create an intimate and cozy atmosphere. However, if you want the room to remain bright and open, opt for a dark accent wall.

Turn your attention to the ceiling.

Black furniture instead walls
The black ceiling makes this basement look very chic and the décor becomes more cohesive

Another great alternative you can try if you’d rather not paint your walls black is to have a black ceiling. Ceilings are usually painted white but there’s no good reason for that. A black ceiling can look great in a space such as a games room, media room or a modern living room.

Dark accents in a white room.

Black furniture instead walls
The black wall adds a focal point to the white room and the framed artwork looks great on it

All-white interior decors can be very beautiful and stylish but a touch of color is often needed. A black accent wall is a wonderful option. It’s a particularly good choice in a large space and if you could also add a matching piece of furniture to go with it the balance would be perfect.

Create contrast with bedding and night stands.

Black furniture instead walls
Cute nightstands and lamps works perfectly

Dark walls in the bedrooms can be soothing and relaxing, offering you a sense of privacy and intimacy. However, some contrast is needed if you want the interior décor to be well-balanced. So opt for light-colored bedding, contrasting artwork or for light-colored nightstands to frame the bed with.

Wall art antler.

Black furniture instead walls
Wall art can be your room focal point

A beautiful pair of antlers can easily become the focal point in a room. A perfect spot would be in the dining room where you can admire them in peace. To make the antlers stand out better, paint them white and mount them on a dark wall. This will surely turn some heads.

Framed gray mirrors.

Black furniture instead walls
Mirrors collection with grey painted frame

Strong contrasts of color can allow you to create a beautiful décor but this is not the only option. For example, if you wish to display your collection of mirrors on a dark wall, paint their frames gray, in a slightly lighter shade than that on the wall. This way they will stand out but they’ll also blend in.

Modern touches in the kitchen.

Black furniture instead walls
Keep the décor simple but chic.

Personally, I prefer dark shades for the kitchen because they’re more practical. But you have to find a way to make the colors work. For example, if you decide to have dark walls or floor-to-ceiling units in a dark shade, combine them with a light-colored backsplash, a white ceiling or a white kitchen island.

Black wallpaper.

Black furniture instead walls
Black and gold for a refined look or black and white for a classical and always elegant décor

If you’re tempted to try incorporating a black wall in your home’s décor but you’re too scared to go with black paint, try using wallpaper at first. This way you can also incorporate pattern into the design.

Matching furniture.

Black furniture instead walls
The accent cushions feature a lighter shade and they add subtle contrast.

One way of making dark walls seem less striking is by complementing them with matching furniture in similar colors. For example, this living room features dark gray walls and a comfy sofa in the same shade.

Luxurious touches.

Black furniture instead walls
If you use a combination of colors and textures, keep the rest of the décor simple.

Black walls can also make a space seem more luxurious. They can be the perfect background for displaying artwork. The key is to find the right balance.

Feminine touches.

Black furniture instead walls
Black is an elegant color.

Although it often seems masculine, you can also easily include it a décor featuring feminine touches. For example, in a bathroom with black walls, use shower curtains with a beautiful design, an elegant and romantic chandelier or simply display a bouquet of fresh flowers. The décor will instantly change.

Mosaic tiles.

Black furniture instead walls
Try incorporating an accent color or creating a pattern.

If you’d rather keep the walls light-colored to make the room seem more spacious, you can use black on the floor. In the bathroom, you have a perfect opportunity to include mosaic tiles in the décor. But don’t limit yourself to a simple design.

Mix patterns.

Black furniture instead walls
Different pattern bathroom tiles

You can also use mosaic tiles on a wall and choose something different for the floor. For example, try a combination of mosaic and stripes. You’ll have two very different patterns which don’t have anything in common but which complement each other in an interesting way.

Red accents.

Black furniture instead walls
These chairs have a high backrest and they’re actually bohemian-looking

The black and red combination is very common but it’s often associated with night clubs and not with elegant interiors. But you can change that. Use red in moderation and choose simple yet interesting designs for the furniture.

Light trim.

Black furniture instead walls
Add elegance with a gold trim

If you use black on black without any colorful accents then the décor will become monotonous. Try instead something like this: a black wall complemented by a black dresser with light-colored trim to make it stand out. You can also add a few touches of color in the form of a rug or artwork.

Black furniture.

Black furniture instead walls

If black walls are a little too intimating for you, try instead black furniture. It’s still a nice way to create strong contrasts in the room and if you have a big wall unit it’s practically the same as having a black accent wall.

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