Cute Kids’ Furniture Made Of Wooden Pallets

Pallets are extremely versatile and there’s no doubt about that. Still, we’ve rarely seen furniture designed for kids that was made out of wooden pallets. This is a whole new branch we still need to explore and we’re going to start with a few cute examples. The following tables, chairs and all other cute things were all made of pallets and you can build something very similar at home using minimal supplies and a limited budget.

table 5
table 2

The first project on our list is this cute pallet table. Building one just like it is fairly easy. You’d have to put together a very basic frame for which you need four legs and four boards. Make sure the height is suitable for the kids. After that it’s time to make the top out of boards from a pallet. Cut them and align them and make sure you clean them, sand them and stain them. You’ll find a description of the project on vintagemellie.

Outdoor pallet table for kids

Another cute table made of pallet wood was featured on littlebitfuky. This one even has a hammock underneath which makes it really fun. As you can see, the top of the table is a pallet. The frame, however, was built using lumber. The nice thing about the table is that it’s big enough for the whole family to sit around it as well as big enough to be used as a fort by the kids.

small pallet coffee table for kids

Building a table out of a pallet is not difficult. After you’ve disassembled the pallet you take each board and you clean it. After that it’s time to sand the wood. You can use some of the bigger boards or a larger pallet to build a sturdy frame. After that, put together some of the regular boards to make a top. Since the table is small, you won’t need a lot of wood. You can find the whole project detailed on the36thavenue.

Small kids stool from pallets

Instead of a simple table, perhaps you and your kids would enjoy more a picnic table with benches that they can use outside. Building such a set is not much difficult than crafting any other type of table. You can use pallet wood and you can give the table angled legs so you can also attach two built-in benches to it. In the end, it would look similar to the design featured on 101pallets.

pallet picnic table

An alternative design for a picnic table for the kids can also be found on 101pallets. To make a table with benches that look like this you’ll have to cut the pallets into sections. Use the larger one as a base and another for the actual table. What you’ll get is a cute table that sits on a platform and has two benches attached to its base. You can then paint the table and benches and find all sorts of ways to make them look cute.

picnic table for kids

Another lovely design idea for a small picnic table with benches can be found on ana-white. This cute little table has an X-shaped base which gives it a rustic look. However, the design overall is pretty modern. The benches are not attached to the table and can be used separately. Their design matches that of the table. They were all built using pallet wood. To make your table and benches look more interesting you can paint them, stain them or cover them with decals.

White and blue pallet furniture for kids

Sure, picnic tables are nice and fun but they’re not your only option. If you want to make a cute furniture set for the kids, you can also try making a dining set. You can use recycled pallets. For example, a full pallet can be used as a top for the table and smaller sections can be used to make the frames and seats for the chairs. You can cover the table with a glass top to get a smooth surface. You’ll be able to find more info about this on creativespotting.

Tool benh for kids

Kids like to imitate their parents and to act like grown ups, building things and pretending they have a job. Boys often enjoy working with tools. If that sounds familiar, perhaps it would be nice to build a little tool bench that the kids can enjoy. You can make it out of pallet wood. You’ll be able to find a detailed description of the whole project on hiddensisters. Make sure the bench has a suitable height and that it’s kid-friendly.

Small coffee table used for kids also

If there’s not enough room in your home for regular furniture and for special pieces designed just for the kids, maybe combining these functions would be a good idea. For example, you can build a multifunctional piece which you can use as a coffee table but which kids can also use for play. You can use wooden pallets for this. First you’d need to build a frame and then to attach the top. It should be fairly simple and at the end you can stain or paint the whole piece. The idea came from buildsomething.