Couture Furniture by Bryonie Porter

Modern furniture items are one of the nicest types of furnishings you can put in your home to create a good atmosphere. They save space, make good storage spaces, and are kept and maintained easily.But if you use antique and modern furniture customized each piece with wallpaper you should get something like Bryonie Porter project.

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This furniture has a gorgeous couture look with this wallpapering style. It does not have just a practical purpose of storing things in your house, but rather like its main purpose has changed to decorating. Just try and bring one of these flowery cabinets and sets of drawers in a dull bedroom and you will see that the general atmosphere of the room changes instantly.

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It is stylish and eye-catchy, shows exuberance and happiness. And it is couture furniture  indeed because very few people would dare use them in their bedrooms, even though they secretly admire this furniture a lot – just like you admire haut couture dresses, but do not dare wear one of them in the street.