Cool Transparent Chair by Ron Arad

Nowadays chair designers are more creative, and find all the time new ideas for unique items. Created by a London designer Ron Arad, the transparent chair called Well Transparent Chair is made in a limited series only 100 items. The transparent chair is cool furniture design and a grate piece of art.


It’s a very nice idea for a chair design. Because it’s transparent you don’t have to worry about matching it with the rest of your furniture or with the interior design. It has no color so it goes with everything. It has a modern design, in terms of shape. The only thing you should think of before using this chair, is making sure you’re not dressed in a really short dress because you might send the wrong message.


Another think you should take into consideration before purchasing this chair. In case you have little kids, make sure they don’t get hurt because it’s not a very visible item and they might trip all fall getting hurt. But other than that it’s a really great furniture piece and it has a modern shape. I assume it’s also comfortable because of the soft lines. I’m not sure why, but transparent items have something that makes them very attractive. It’s probably the fact that they allow you to see every detail inside.