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Get Cozy With These Stylish and Cheap Comfortable Couches

Today’s article will be focused on an item that people use a lot more than intended: the couch. While mostly designed just for seating guests or watching a movie, the couch is a place where people often fall asleep, lie down with their phones or laptops and get absorbed by technology in the online world, and basically sit for way longer than they’re supposed to. That means that, above everything, a couch has to be comfortable. That being said, let’s look at some of the best cheap comfortable couches and look and learn about some products that everyone can afford.

How to Choose a Couch

Couches are not the cheapest furniture item, so it makes a lot of sense that you learn more about them to make sure you’re choosing a product that’s right for you. Here are the things that you need to take into account before choosing one product over another.

Seating capacity

This is a factor that’s really important to consider if you live with multiple people or if you generally entertain guests and need all the seating space you can get. Also, if you’re the kind of person that like to constantly take naps on the couch or you have a reputation for falling asleep in front of the TV, you obviously want a bigger couch. Aside from the seating capacity, the configuration of the seating area is also important. Deep and shallow seats are generally the best option, but you should also look into the backrest because it has to be comfortable enough to support your back.


There are two main components that can make or break a couch: the upholstery and the frame. The upholstery is the cover that you actually sit on and it has to be supported by a sturdy frame. If you opt for a budget sofa, it will most likely have a frame made from metal, plastic, or particleboard, as these are less expensive compared to materials like solid wood. Hardwood frames made from wood such as oak or ash are more expensive. You can look for affordable couches made with pine wood but they usually start to show signs of wobbling after the first five years of use.


The other most important part of the couch’s construction is the upholstery. It is important what type of upholstery your couch has because it has to look good and be easy to care for. These are the two main things that you need to look into as you evaluate the upholstery of a particular couch. We’re not going to get in the specific of design matters because that depends on your personal taste. What we can do it tell you what to look for in terms of quality and convenience. For instance, you need to check out for uneven welting and seams. Higher thread counts indicate a higher fabric density and more durability. Models with tufted buttons need to be checked to see if the buttons are sewn on securely or else they will easily come off. If you notice irregularities with these, you might want to return the couch and ask for a refund.


Cushioning is important because it will determine how comfortable the couch is on for how many hours you can sit on it before parts of your body start to feel sore. As a general rule, the seating area of your couch needs to be firm and fit the couch’s frame properly. That means that when you release pressure off the cushions, they need to return to their original shape fast. As far as the cushioning material is concerned, there is room for debate and interpretation. Foam is often the most common choice but its durability is determined by the right balance between firms and soft foam. High-end couches have cushions filled with down and feathers mix but their prices are off the charts.


With couch springs, things are pretty straightforward. The cheapest options are also the least durable and they generally mesh or webbing and not actual springs at all. Averagely-priced couches are typically made with serpentine springs, which are basically a piece of twisted wires that creates a gap between frame members. Unless these wires are made from heavy-gauge metal, they will sag over time. The most luxurious couches come with eight-way hand-tied springs. Needless to say, these are the most durable and also the most expensive choices out there. You can feel the springs through the upholstery and discover a bit more about their quality, they should be close together and feel quite firm when you apply pressure on the surface of the cushions.

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Couch Quality FAQ

How long should a good couch last?

In general, a good couch should last between 7 and 15 years. However, inexpensive models that are made with cheaper materials typically have a lifespan of about 5 years. The first signs that a couch should be changes include wobbling, signs of wear and tear in the upholstery fabric, as well as deformed cushions that fail to expand to their original size when you’re not sitting on them.

Does it ruin a couch to sleep on it?

That depends on how often you sleep on it. Much like a mattress, the seating surface of a sofa is prone to sagging the longer you use it. If you tend to sleep on the sofa a lot, you can damage the padding, the upholstery, the cushions, and the frame.

How often should you flip couch cushions?

You know how some experts advised you to flip the mattress over to prolong its durability (that, of course, was something that worked with old mattresses that had a mirrored construction and were not layered for support from top to bottom, as they are today). Well, it seems that flipping or rotating the couch’s cushions might have the same effect. Some suggest that you should do so once every two weeks if the couch is being sat upon frequently. If not, you can even do it once a month.

Top 10 Best Cheap Comfortable Couches

1. Bel-Air 72.25″ Square Arm Sofa

Glaucia Square Arm Sofa

Let’s kick off this list with an affordable couch with a standard design that could easily match a variety of different room decors. It is made with polyester upholstery available in a bunch of different colors and which features tufted buttons for a more elegant look. The frame of the couch is made from solid and manufactured wood and it comes in a dark walnut finish. The couch measures 32.25” H x 72.25” W x 30.5” D and has a seating capacity of three people.

2. Ibiza Microfiber 80.3″ Flared Arm Sofa

Glaucia Square Arm Sofa

Our next couch for today comes with a weight capacity of almost 800 pounds and measures a generous 32.7” H x 80.3” W x 32” D (with 18.5” H x 69.25” W x 19.9” D being the size of the seating area). The upholstery is made from a microsuede material and the cushions are filled with both foam and springs. The frame is made from eucalyptus wood and the legs of the couch are made from plastic. The upholstery is available in a black and a brown version.

3. Cudahy 83″ Square Arm Sofa

Glaucia Square Arm Sofa

This lovely sofa is one of the gems of today’s list. It is made from a solid and manufactured wood frame combines with beautiful gray upholstery made from polyester. The seat is constructed with sinuous springs and foam (which is also found in the backrest). It measures 35.5” H x 82.75” W x 33.5” D overall, with the seating area measuring 19.75” H x 73.5” W x 22.75” D. It can seat up to three people and has a total weight capacity of 700 pounds.

4. Kerby 55″ Flared Arm Loveseat

Glaucia Square Arm Sofa

This is a loveseat that’s both simple and adorable, but also very practical because it measures only 30” H x 55” W x 25.5” D and can fit into small spaces. It is made from a wooden frame with polyester upholstery. The upholstery is available in a wide range of beautiful colors, including teal and charcoal. Even if it’s a loveseat, it can probably fit up to three people but it has a weight capacity of only 550 pounds.

5. Sylvia Sleeper

Glaucia Square Arm Sofa

The Sylvia couch has a design that’s a little bit different compared to the other models that we’ve seen today. Despite its low price, it looks and feels very luxurious. The velvet upholstery feels very pleasant to the touch and is available in colors such as green, red, or blue. It has a total weight capacity of 600 pounds and comes with 2 matching toss pillows. It measures 32” H x 80” W x 35” D overall and the seating area itself measures 16.5” H x 72” W x 21” D.

6. Grigori 45.5″ Sofa Bed

Glaucia Square Arm Sofa

The Grigori sofa is a real game-changer because it’s both comfortable and space-saving. It is the perfect replacement for the classical loveseat but it is not the kind of sofa that you could comfortably sleep on for nights to come. It measures 30.75” H x 45.5” W x 31.5” D and has a total seating area of 24” H x 45.5” W x 24” D. It comes with a metal frame that has a beautiful silver finish. The upholstery is made from faux suede and both the backrest and the seating cushion are filled with cotton.

7. Winchendon 77″ Square Arms Sofa

Glaucia Square Arm Sofa

The Winchendon couch is yet another example of a decent product with a low price. It is designed to seat three people with a combined weight of 700 pounds. It measures 32.75” H x 77” W x 35” D and comes with a frame made from manufactured wood and upholstery materials that’s made from a combination of PVC, polyester blend, and polyurethane. The seats are filled with sinuous springs and the backfill contains synthetic fiber.

8. Aji Microfiber 49” Pillow Top Arm Loveseat

Glaucia Square Arm Sofa

Here is a loveseat with a beautiful design, perfect for people who have small living rooms and don’t really need a big couch. It’s available in many beautiful upholstery colors, including fuchsia, blue, and yellow. It measures 35” H x 49” W x 24” D and has a seating area of 16” H x 35” W x 19” D.  It has a metal frame and the legs are made from solid and manufactured wood. The upholstery is made from microsuede and the cushioning is filled with foam.

9. Mcelhaney 58.75″ Square Arm Loveseat

Glaucia Square Arm Sofa

Loveseats are amazing when you have limited space because these two-seat couches are narrower and perfect for small living rooms. This particular loveseat measures 32.25” H x 58.75” W x 32.25” D, with the seat itself measuring 18.1” H x 48.8” W x 21.3” D.  This beautiful gray gem is covered on polyester upholstery and has a frame and legs made from solid wood. It can support almost 800 pounds in weight too!

10. Glaucia 70” Square Arm Sofa

Glaucia Square Arm Sofa

With a seating capacity that can support up to 500 pounds and 34” H x 70” W x 32” D as overall measurements, the Glaucia couch is something to look forward to. It is designed with a frame made from a combination of solid and manufactured wood, and has a cover made entirely from polyester. It can seat up to three people and has a mid-century design that makes it suitable for homes decorated in the same style.

Bottom Line

It is believed that a good couch will always cost more than $1,500. With today’s article, we were looking to debunk that myth and show you that you can get your hands on a decent sofa for even less than $1,000. The models we’ve chosen are budget-oriented products that still manage to exceed expectations through their choice of materials and their overall design. What type of couch will you be looking to buy next?