Comfortable Bently Bar Stool

One thing I usually don’t like about bar stools is that they are less comfortable than the usual chairs. That’s because they have no back rest and because the seat is small and sometimes without any cushion. I finally found a bar stool that is different from all the other ones.

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The Bently bar stool, available for $275 is a very special piece. It has an elegant design, with simple but soft lines. Also, it’s a very nice combination of comfort and looks. The stool distinguishes itself from all the other ones by the fact that it has a backrest. Of course, it also has a footrest but that’s not a novelty. Moreover, the seat cushion is soft and cozy. The user will instantly feel the difference. It’s important to feel comfortable when using a chair or stool. Sure, if you want comfort you can go sit at a table. This doesn’t mean that the ones seating at the bar should be discriminated.

The stool’s design focuses on geometrical shapes. The base is a metal square and so is the seat while the backrest is a rectangle. The stool is available is black or red. It would look beautiful is a modern bar, terrace, even kitchen. I’m not sure if the backrest is adjustable but it seems so in the picture.