Comfortable and stylish Ophelia chair from Leolux

Say hello to Ophelia. She’s not a girl as you might have imagined. Instead she’s a chair. And just any chair, but a very beautiful one. And she comes is a lot of different colors and seat options. She might look simple and she can surely surprise you one you get to know her.

Leolux fauteuil ophelia 352 011

You can easily change the seat height by adding 2 cm, to make more comfortable or to simply adjust it to your body. There are many different color options for you to choose from. There a very beautiful tone of red, as well as a mustard yellow and a very soft lavender color. This armchair will perfectly integrate in a more modern type of home. The shape of the chair is a little unusual but still elegant and stylish.

It is definitely a modern and unique armchair design that can’t wait to go home with you. What do you say? Would you like to take Ophelia home with you? She would really appreciate that.