Comfortable and Modern Magic Carpet

Another revolutionary item draws more and more attention from the general public. It is a “magic carpet” and as we can see it can be folded and contorted into various shapes and usable form or any kind of configuration you consider that will work for you at one given moment.It doesn’t quite have the properties of a carpet but more of a mattress.Seeing the many shapes this little thing can turn in I remembered the old pneumatic mattresses that could be transformed in a single bed, double or sofa.

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I don’t know about you guys but I know a lot of people that used to own that kind of thing in case a lot of people came by and there weren’t enough beds.Looking closely this one can also be used for the same purposes and you can’t call it a compromise measure because it looks really good and it’s very functional. A friend of mine, physiotherapist actually recommended me to sleep on something very similar to this because it helps with my back pain and straightens up the spine. The Asians use thin rugs laid on the bare floor and sleep on them because although it doesn’t look like its super healthy.

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About the various shapes of the Magic Carpet it can be turn into a sleeping “sanctuary” or the perfect place for reading or watching TV; this thing is only possible thanks to those red straps and special bending points built into the design.{found on Alexander Munk}.