Comfortable and minimalist chair with storage compartments

Pierre Thibault recently designed a very interesting piece of furniture. It’s a chair but the thing about it is that it’s not just a chair. It’s THE chair. It’s exactly how its name suggests. This unusually striking and simple piece of furniture is offered by iGet it. Once you analyze its form and structure, it becomes immediately apparent that this piece of furniture was designed by an architect.

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Even though the chair looks very rough and even unfinished, it’s a surprisingly comfortable piece of furniture. It will first be presented in the US as of WantedDesign. Those curious to see it and analyze it closely can do that starting with May 18th up until May 22nd 2012. The chair has an architectural design. It features very clean and clear lines and an extremely simple design. It has clear angles and, despite its look, it’s a very comfortable piece, even without seat or back cushions.

The chair pierre thibaultView in gallery

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The Chair is the type of furniture you expect to see in casual modern homes. It’s not specifically designed to be used in private residences. It can also be an eye-catching element for waiting areas or public spaces. The chair is made from wood and it has a natural finish. It has a design that keeps it very close to the natural look and texture of the wood. Moreover, the spaces underneath the seat and behind the back of the chair are not just for display. They can be used as storage compartments. It’s why this chair would be great for reading corners. It’s very comfortable and you can easily store your favorite books in those spaces.