Colorful MDF bookend

A bookcase, unless it has a really wacky design, will always look somewhat sober and austere. One way of changing that is to use bookends that stand out with their color, shape or design. This one, for example, is both simple and eye-catching. It’s a bookend that also serves as an interesting decoration for your bookcase, shelf, etc.The bookend stands out with its vivid color.

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It features a bold yellow shade that would provide an interesting focal point. But the color is not this product’s only eye-catching feature. The bookend is also original because of its design. It features stenciled typography that spells “the end”. It’s a very inspired choice of words, given the main function the bookend needs to fulfill. This, in combination with the vivid color, allows it to be surprisingly unusual. So even though it has a simple design, it’s the small details and the choice of color that make it unique.

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The stenciled typography is laser-cut. The bookend is made of MDF and it gives it weight necessary to fulfill its function. As for the dimensions, it measures 8.5″Wx2.5″Dx6″H. It has a pollen yellow finish and it would look beautiful in most modern decors. It can be used in bookcases, on shelves or anywhere else you keep your books. Wherever the books are, that’s where it needs to be as well.Available for 12 euros.