Colorful Havana Stool

If you like colorful and fun pieces of furniture you should take a look at this cute stool. It’s called Havana and it brings fun and color wherever it goes. It has a rounded shape with a small curve on top for more comfort. It’s also available in a spheral shape and it’s equally colorful and exotic-looking. The stool measures 14″ DIAM x 20″ H. It’s big enough to be comfortable to sit on but small enough to be easily included in almost any type of décor.

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The great think about this piece is that it’s both a decorative item and a functional piece of furniture. Also, because of the materials used to craft it, which are a sturdy metal frame covered with tidy woven plastic, the stool is a very versatile piece. It can be used both indoor and outdoor without worrying it would get ruined. You can use it in the living room as an extra seat for guests, in the bedroom, in the kid’s room, on the deck, patio, terrace or in the garden where it would make a great addition.

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The Havana stool is available in several different shapes and color combinations, as well as different patterns. You can choose to form a set of similar pieces or you can choose different shapes and colors for more color contrast.Available for 88$.