Colin Cowie Wire Dot Candle Wall Sconce

We all now use electricity to light our homes, but there was a time when people used candles to do that. So every once in a while we get nostalgic about those times or we simple want to be romantic and use candles. Candlelight is warmer and more intimate, so you’d better have a candle holder or a candle wall sconce if you want your home to be filled with love and warmth. This Colin Cowie Wire Dot Candle Wall Sconce is perfect for all occasions. It is delicate and beautiful and can also be used as an ornament, even if you do not light the candle inside.

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As you probably guessed by now the designer of this sconce is Colin Cowie and he proved to have an incredible imagination. This items is handcrafted with handplaced dots  and allows the candle light to go through the wires making them look like rattan or wicker. It is airy and open, essential features for a candle holder, as the candle needs air to keep burning. The plate inside can hold up to three candles, depending on size. The item is fixed to the wall by a hanging hook and can be bought in gold or nickel. It is made of iron and is made in India. You can purchase it online for $79.95 from HSN.